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Monday, February 22, 2010

Traditional Nepalese Dinner - sort of

A custom dinner menu for "Mr. George Wallach Michel"

The Dwarikas Hotel in Kathmandu is a unique property. Built on a collection of traditional Nepalese woodwork and terra cotta architectural elements, it manages to reflect Nepal tradition while offering Western levels of comfort and service. It's et courtyard is a welcome respite from its central Kathmandu frenzied location. One of the attractions of the hotel is the Krishnarpan restaurant, which offers a multi-course "traditional" gourmet Nepalese dinner. The meal requires ordering in advance and can be selected based on the number of courses - six, nine, twelve, sixteen or twenty two feasts. We ordered the nine course dinner. In retrospect, six would have been fine.

In our room, Sigrid dresses for dinner...

The evenings are cool, and the pashmina shawl has come in handy.

Traditional seating in the restaurant

First course, Samaya Bajee - traditional appetizers.

The rice wine reminded me of Baijo in China

Phapar Ko Roti - buckwheat pancake

Machha Tareko - Pan-fried river fish

Lauka Barreko - gourd stuffed with cheese and vegetable mousse

Chatamari Kayula - Nepali crepes with chicken filling

Momo - Meat dumplings with chutney

Tarkari Ko Jhoi - vegetable soup with Nepalese spices

Main course - Sada Bhuja, Dal Jhaneko, Kukhura Ko Masu, Simi Ra Pyaj Ko Tarkari, Pharsee Ko Tarkari, Raomtoriya Tareko, Golbheda Ra Til Ko Achar, Lapsee Ko Achaar.

Dessert - Kheer - Nepali rice pudding

I can't believe I ate the whole thing, (along with much of Sigrid's). It was a high quality unique dining experience.

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