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Monday, October 17, 2011

Done Deal.

Behind schedule and a lost season, but we are finally back.



One sibling appears to be missing. I blame her children. They should have made her come up for the Reopening Rehearsal. I guess I'll just have to photoshop her in at some point.

Camp Closing Notes - 2011

Last shot of camp before departure.

Opened just in time to close - some random and incomplete notes as we shut things down for the season.

Camp Closing Crew

Done - Tree trimmed

Shock and Awe: For the first time in decades, there is no medicine chest in the kitchen

Partial: The cable configuration was made functional and phone transferred to cable.
More finishing work needs to be done.
Tools and parts on bedroom and bookshelf are needed to finish.
Winter visitors should leave these where I can find them in the spring.

Complete: Storm windows everywhere for the first time in decades

Partial: Here we are learning shut down procedures for the new well and plumbing.
This procedure is not documented nor well understood at this point.
We did drain the all pipes...

...and there are lots of pipes and valves...

... lots. So for this year, Beauchamp will finish winterizing the camp.

Important: This pipe hanging in the shed is important.
It is a key need to drain and refill the well in the fall and spring respectively.
Do not throw this pipe away.

Redo: There are issues with the stovepipe install on the wood stove.
It is functional but will need to be redone.

Notice: Firewood is stacked and loaded, but there is likely not enough firewood on site for extended winter stays.

Lots of other stuff to consider. there is debris, wood, cement, and stone supplies still stored around the camp. Landscaping and cleanup of the site is needed. Well water will need to be retested in the spring. All towels and bedding have been removed from camp and will need to be returned for future visitors. There is no scotch. The bourbon is low. However, there is an adequate supply of Wisconsin white whiskey.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dock Deconstruction

I don't know how may times I have to explain this to Brian

Yesterday's Grand Reopening happened just in time to begin closing the camp for the season today. First step is getting the dock safely out of the way of the way of winter ice. Despite helping out in prior seasons, I found Brian still needed a lot of direction.

Here I am showing him what he did wrong

He gets it right eventually

Managing Brian is mentally exhausting.

Here Brian wanted me to see the injury he incurred while removing the dock.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Grand Reopening Gala [Rehearsal*] and bonus Olive Palooza!

The Grand Reopening Gala Rehearsal Crew

The floors are done, the final inspection approvals are imminent, the contractors and tradesmen have vacated the premises, we have moved back in (kind of) - Time to celebrate! Friends, family and neighbors joined us for a Grand Reopening Gala Celebration. Some of these pics ripped without attribution. You sort it out.

Guests arrive...

...including Special Guest Birthday Girl.

Harlan working on the wild rice pilaf

Wendy burning the potatoes

In case anyone is wondering what Wendy was doing instead of watching her potatoes

Ab appetizers...

... along with artisinal bread, cheeses, and more.

Setting the table...

Seasonal centerpiece

First at the table?

Another masterpiece from the Weber Master.

Tenderloin, wild rice, salad


Let the feast begin...

After dinner - The Birthday Girl Celebration, a perfect excuse for our 3rd Annual Olive Palooza:


By special request: Tomato and Sprinkles Birthday Cake


It was surprisingly good.

After the banquet and birthday, a patented Brian Bonfire and Fireworks:

*Robyn insists that this was all actually just a rehearsal, as the real Grand Reopening Rehearsal Celebration will not happen until the spring. I dunno. That spring celebration will have a tough time improving on this "rehearsal".