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Friday, August 31, 2007

Planning the morning dive .

...over a drink at the Gualala Hotel bar.

Zach's new 'Toy'

Out on the the point.

Checking out conditions from a scenic outlook

At sea ranch.

Calm clear and sunny

On the road north.

AB Weekend - coordination

From: MW
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 12:45 PM
To: Z
Subject: RE: want to go hunting this weekend?
Cool. It'll open up that 11"+ trophy Ab zone out where the Great Whites roam.

Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 12:27 PM
To: MW
Subject: RE: want to go hunting this weekend?
I also have a new two man kayak which might be kind of fun to Monkey around with in Abalone Cove…


LIve Blogging - Abalone weekend

Subject: RE: want to go hunting this weekend?

"is there a low tide this weekend?"

not really:

Tides for Point Arena starting with September 1, 2007.

Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

Sa 1 High 2:28 AM 4.8 6:44 AM Set 11:51 AM 83
1 Low 8:06 AM 1.4 7:46 PM Rise 10:02 PM
1 High 2:28 PM 6.2
1 Low 9:20 PM 0.2

Su 2 High 3:39 AM 4.3 6:45 AM Set 1:08 PM 74
2 Low 8:47 AM 2.0 7:44 PM Rise 10:41 PM
2 High 3:13 PM 6.2
2 Low 10:29 PM 0.1

M 3 High 5:05 AM 3.9 6:46 AM Set 2:22 PM 63
3 Low 9:37 AM 2.6 7:43 PM Rise 11:29 PM
3 High 4:08 PM 6.1
3 Low 11:44 PM 0.0
No minus tides, And the lowest tides are at night.
Best shot for OMT is Saturday AM, which is still a +1.4 feet.
We may have to actually dive. Biggest factor will be waves and visibility.
If it is calm and clear (relatively speaking) diving is actually more fun and easy pickings.
Rick and I paddled out to the point on the last trip on a calm morning.
You could see the abs 6-12 feet down while paddling on the surface
Didn't even need the ab iron, Just dive down and grab them.
Any other recruits? Should I invite Rick? He has an ab-slicer you know.
I hate driving up on a Friday late. Particularly a holiday weekend. I might go up earlier in the day (before noon). - mw

Was thinking about driving up Friday night…is there a low tide this weekend? - Z


To: Z
Subject: RE: want to go hunting this weekend?

I thought you'd never ask.

I'm in. When are you going to be up there?

From: Z
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 11:38 AM
To: MW
Subject: want to go hunting this weekend?
- Z

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trying the Presidio IPA

Its a great beer. Good back for everyone, but Bob kicked ass.
MW 105
DH 96
BP 88

After a great approach...

Bob sinks the birdie putt.
And he sank it with the pressure on, both Don and Mike had already one-putt for par.

Heading home on 18

I also put it on the 14th green

For my par. Bob 3 putt.

Bob puts it on the green

At the turn

MW 54
BP 47
DH 48

Don slices into the woods on 8

Bob tees off on 7

into the fog

Live Blogging Presidio

Bob & Don

Monday, August 13, 2007

The venue

Pic from my assigned seat, before Panetta, Hagel and Graham take the stage. An auditorium was not the intimate setting I envisioned. It is a small auditorium, but an auditorium nevertheless. The "live-blogging" notion is a bust. Performance of the Verizon data network is spotty here, and organizers requested no cellphones, cameras, or recording devices. I'll update with a link to web-broadcast recording when I find it and put my thoughts on the DWSUWF blog.


Got my ticket. Coffee and sweets served. Pecan pie was delicious. Got some advice from Panetta Institute Veterans on how to get your question submitted.

Scenes from the aquarium

Kelp Forest with abalone.



I am getting hungry.

Monterey Aquarium

Got some time to kill, its a good place to do it.

Monterey Bay

Seals and cormorants and gulls and steinbeck (sot of).


Note to self: Never take 17.

Monterey County Herald: Graham, Hagel headline forum

Another experiment and an overlap with my political blog. I will driving down the coast to attend this lecture in Monterey this evening. Depending on bandwidth and inclination, I may do a little live blogging from my TREO. - mw

Graham, Hagel headline forum - The Monterey County Herald

The final Panetta Institute Lecture Series event of 2007 will feature Sen. Chuck Hagel and and former Sen. Bill Graham on Monday in Monterey. The series this year has concentrated on the upcoming presidential elections. View Full Story

Sunday, August 12, 2007

19th hole at the tee-off

MW 92
DH 85
DG 100
BP 89
AZ 99
RZ 107

On the temporary green at 18

Bob Rick and Adam finish up

Dan out of trouble on 18

Traditional 17th portrait

Ahhhh the beer is mine.

My bogey and a stroke was goood enuf

2nd group on 12

another angle

DG Blackjack Phonecam

My tee shot on beer 13

Surprise. Its a slice.

Beer hole

Don's tee shot on 13. We are playing for the last beer. Winner on 13 gets it.

Dan's tee shot on 12

Straight and short

At the turn

MW 43
DH 44
DG 50

Group 2 on 8th green

Beer waiting on 9.

The 2nd group approaches 7

Pic from DG phonecam

Don tees off on 6

Under the watchful gaze of the golf gods.

My provisional friend Dan

Duffing it into the trap on 4

On 3 putting for 2nd birdie in a row.


Live blogging Lincoln

Six players in two groups of three today.
Group 1 - Mike, Don, Dan
Group 2 - Rick, Adam, Bob

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Picked up a window sign

Gavin said "First time I've seen them. Not sure I like them. They are different. well, I like the green."

The mayor speaks ...

... and rallies the troops. There are 30 candidates on the ballot for mayor. But no real opposition.

Kamala Harris introduces the mayor.

The SF District Attorney is running for re-election unopposed.