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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mid-Week Round at Lincoln Park

Met Captain Jim for a round at Lincoln before he heads back to the Mediterranean. A cloudy start, but the sun came out and we had clear crisp day.

Jim and Golf Gods on Six

Lining up my birdie putt on 8
Which missed. But I got the par.
Surprised to find the course a little  backed up on a Thursday afternoon. We caught and joined the twosome in front of us. Matt and Caleb, father and son from Wausau, Wisconsin  on their last day of vacation in San Francisco.

At the turn - I had 49. Jim had 55.
On the 17th Tee
Matt and Caleb were very appreciative of Lincoln's spectacular vistas. But - you know  - they are Packer fans. Which is a trigger word for me. They seemed friendly, but - you know - Packer fans.  Well, they are tourists and helping fund the local economy, but - you know - Packer fans.  I retreated into my safe space and tried to demonstrate our famous San Francisco tolerance for diverse and perverse cultural norms such as - you know - Packer fans. 

Matt splits the Golden Gate Bridge towers

I tried to get the same shot with Caleb...
... but the 1 second "burst mode" only caught his extended waggle.
Thought I was getting my game back on track with a 49 on the front, but the wheels came off on the back. My expected breakthrough round will have to wait.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

19th Hole

The rain started in earnest as we finished the round. As we counted the scores,  Bob decided to test my dietary resolve by ordering the biggest plate of corned beef hash, hash browns and eggs that I have ever seen. I had a green salad.

Despite my birdie, my breakthrough round failed to materialize. Five 7's, two 9's, and a snowman will do that to you.

BK 87
BP 94
MW 108
RZ 108

 On the plus side, I did not have to give up the game as a consequence of playing this round.

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17th tee portrait

Rick and I have beers. Bob and Brad do not. 

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16th & 17th fairways

Signature holes. Spectacular vistas. The rain is starting.

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Beer Hole - 15th

"The Hunt - 15th Fairway" by Bob Preston 
The 15th is a 135 yard par 3 carry over a corner of the lagoon. The green is protected by sand traps and Bob's Tree on the right side of the green (the tree was named for Bob's tee shot on a previous outing, which landed in the tree). The tree and that outing are commemorated in this painting by Bob Preston at the top of this post. The guy looking for his ball is Bob (not the artist - Original Bob). The reason OB1 couldn't find the ball is that it was in the tree. As far as we know, it is still up there today. 

When we arrived at the 15th tee, there were two beers left. Usually this means the best and worst golfer in the foursome team up against the other two to play for the extra beers. Instead, the two best golfers - Brad and Bob - decided to steal the beer by teaming up against Rick and me. Unfair? Yes. But Instant Karma is a bitch.  The ball in the back is Bob's 2nd shot. An easy par. The closer ball is my tee shot - one foot away from a birdie. That close to an ace.

 Rick sinks a 6 footer for par. Bob and Brad both sank their pars, routine for golfers of their caliber. The difference would be my birdie putt. 

Film at 11...

In case you don't recognize what's going on here, I am doing a "dead-on" impression of Hale Irwin celebrating sinking a 45 foot putt on the 72nd hole of the 1990 U.S. Open. I just wanted to clear that up.

Finally, it should be noted that a foursome comprised entirely of Bad Golfers played the 15th hole at Sharp Park with a cumulative score of one under par.  This is like getting struck by lightning, winning the lottery and crafting a perfect March Madness bracket all at the same time.

Just goes to show the true motivational power of Beer. 

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On the 13th hole

Bob in the fairway...

 and in front of Laguna Salada.

In the meantime, I'm working my way around trees on the right side of the fairway. 

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We're still working on a name for the new 12th hole bridge

How about the "Alister MacKenzie Span"? Or perhaps in honor of the men who helped guide these course improvements through a legal and regulatory maze, the " Bo-Rich Bridge Over Troubled Frog Waters"?

My birdie putt.
The wind off the ocean stiffened considerably, I needed a driver to get to get to the 185 yard green. Which I did. Missed the 18 ft birdie, but got the par. As did Rick.

Rick cannot believe his putt is in the hole.

 Bob and Brad did not.

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Somewhere after the turn...

We were running behind after a beer run. This is the 12th hole. First opportunity to get this posted.

BK 43
BP 47
RZ 53
MW 55

I am in danger of needing to give up the game of golf.

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10th green

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Rick off the tee on 7

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Brad making his way back to the 6th green

He likes nature.

Never a doubt. On the green. 

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Original Bob off the 6th tee

The blog is running a little slow today as we look for plugged and muddy balls in the fairway.

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Live Blogging Sharp Park

Playing with Brad, Rick, and Original Bob (OB-1). No wind, warm weather, a hint of blue skies breaking out. We have the course to ourselves. Perfect day.

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