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Friday, February 5, 2010

Red Fort at Night

On the recommendation of a local, we arrange to attend the Sound and Light show at The Red Fort this evening. Our cab driver Lala gets us there and back. There were a few glitches - the concierge told us the show was at 7:30, but actually the English Show started at 8:30 while the Hindi Show started at 7:00. We were late for the Hindi show, and early for the English. Since Lala was waiting to meet us at 8:30, we decided to catch the Hindi.

It was not what we expected, although I am not sure exactly what we were expecting - maybe lasers and music. The actual show comprised of sitting in a courtyard inside the Red Fort compound, among a variety of buildings and structures. The buildings surrounding us light up in various colors and talk to us and each other from around the court yard.

Since it was all in Hindi, we had no idea what the buildings were telling us. At one point they seemed to be laughing at us.

Still, the cab ride over and back was worth the price of admission,. Lala got us there and back to the hotel without incident. I would never attempt driving in Delhi.

A Hendricks Martini at Rick's Cafe helped settle the nerves.

Delhi Time: 05-Feb-2010 11:30 PM

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Anonymous said...

hi mike and sigrid,
glad to see you arrived safely and the siteseeing has begun. enjoy! we will be watching.