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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Road trip across "The Heart of India"

Feb 10: Khajuraho - Agra. Return to the temples in the morning and finish your tour if you were unable to do that on the previous afternoon.
Mid-morning — Check out of your hotel and drive to Orchha. Have a late lunch here and explore the ruins at Orchha on your own (local guides may be available for you to hire). Drive to nearby Jhansi and board the express train to Agra (5:56 pm — 8:25 pm). Arrive at Agra and check-in at your hotel."
Kahjuraho is in the state of Madhya Pradesh, often referenced as the Heart of India, a label that may or may not be a travel industry construct. In any case, the locals embrace it and believe it. It is a small agricultural community of about 15,000 - but will soon be home to a new International Airport thanks to temple tourism. It is a respite from the frenetic activity of Delhi and Varanasi.

Today's plan is a 4 hour drive to Orchha, some sightseeing there, than boarding a train to Agra.

Our local facilitator felt bad that we were rained out of the "Light and Sound Show" at the temple complex the night before and scrambled to offer several alternatives, none of which appealed to us. We were tired and just wanted to eat dinner and sleep. He then offered an early start to tour a local farming village before the drive.

This sounded more to our liking, and we jumped at at. It gave Sigrid a chance to continue one of her favorite photographic pursuits - taking portraits of the local people we find along the way. Some samples in Kajuraho and on the road to Orchha:

We learn the train to Agra will be delayed over two hours, so that leaves time for a leisurely lunch at the Bundelkhand Riverside Hotel, a leisurely tour of the Raja Mahal and other ruins at Orchha, then back to the hotel for a leisurely drink before heading to the Jhanisi train station.

A relaxing dining respite from the road.

I forgot what this was called, looks like chicken and rice.

The Raja Mahal reminded me of Escher

View from the Raja Mahal

Sunset on the River near Orchha

Our driver helps us navigate the madness at the station. We still have too much luggage, but it all makes it on the train with us, and we make it to Agra by midnight.

A long day. But a good one.


Morpheus said...

I must say that you do the best job of waving the Morpheus flag on an international basis!!

Nice jacket!

mw said...

I'm wearing the fleece out. Sigrid says you have to give me a new one or she won't let me do the Cabo Delivery

Laurie said...

Where is Sigrid? What have you done with her? You mention her name and I saw the Dora lunchbox, but no Sigrid.:( Where is my BFF. I need pics or I won't believe you.

Photos are beautiful you guys. Looks like you are having a spectacular trip.

mw said...

I can assure you that there are many fine pictures of Sigrid. However, whether any of them see the light of day, let alone make it to this blog, is an issue of on-going controversy on this trip. I suggest you speak to to your BFF about loosening the publication censorship restrictions.