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Thursday, May 31, 2007

We miss our dining companions.

Not to mention the head chef. Tonight was a step down from previous meals, but not bad. Fried bass filets, side of spaghetti with olive oil and garlic, and leftover grilled veggies from last night.

Mostly I really really miss the automatic dishwasher.

Packed and out.

Godspeed fellow shagolians.

Shag Journal-ists in action

Harlan offers Roy some journal-istic pointers.

Brian needs no help getting his sleep deprived thoughts on paper, while Roy makes out with a pillow on the futon.

Jonah speaks for the whole group, distilling the Shag Lake experience into a few cogent sentences.

Dawn breaks over the trees

The traveller prepares himself for the long journey ahead...

... contemplating the ethereal pre-dawn light over a Starbucks French Roast.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Roy holds court on the effect of the Vatican on...

... Italian government and society in the post Niceean era over a dinner compised of abalone appetizer, tuscan leg of lamb, grilled zucchini, peppers, onions,and wild rice.

Our wine sommeliere approves the evenings selection

A Brolio 2002 Chianti Classico, mellowed by a year of additonal aging in the temperature and humidity controlled Shag Lake wine cellar.

Roy ditches the evidence

When the camera makes an appearance.

The traditional farewell feast begins...

... with an abalone appetizer accompanied by Big Shag Big Stout.

Lance Armstrong, step aside.

We have a new world bike champion.

On the subject of bass filets

I found this to be useful:

I am a quick study.

Papa's first catch from the new fishing platform ...

... seen in the background. Two bass, one legal and one not. The latter was promptly released.

At Wendy's request we are considering alternate names for TBFKAWD (The Boat Formerly Known as Wet Dream). How about "Wet Fish Dream"?

Jonah checks his e-mail before breakfast.

Lake is like glass

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is what occasional intermittent rain looks like.

We got off the river just in time.

Trout Slayers.

Perhaps my best day on the Escanaba with a fly rod in my hand. I actually caught and released two small brookies, and two more that I realeased before I caught them.

Why we fish.

Finally on the river...

... After a lunch of beer boiled brats finished on the weber grill.

On the porch testing TREO bandwidth.

Harlan is also conducting a little business, straightening out the faculty via text messages. The lil' camp porch may be the only place in the country where Cingular outperforms Verizon coverage. I could not send pics until getting back to camp.

On he road to lil' camp

Getting caught up... The verizon digital network appparently does not extend to lil' camp. Could not get these pics uploaded until this evening.

Camp fry cook at his station...

,,, serving up breakfast orders for the Escanaba expedition team.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Are you feeling inadequate?

Announcing the answer to Dockrectile Dysfunction. Try the new improved "Big Shag" Dock Extensions. Guaranteed to provide that boost of confidence you need when reaching for those .lo-o-o-o-ng casts into the bay.

WARNING: Should you experience a cast longer than four fifths of the way across the bay, call your Dock-ster immediately for an emergency adjustment.

Jonah recruited into the Shagaqi Militia

Shown here knocking off a T-Rex before breakfast.

Tending to the neglected DWSUWF blog this morning.

I finally got a new post out late Monday night. There were many interuptions.

Sleeping arrangements were a little tight ...

Here at La Casa Grande Lago del Shago

Harlan made the coffee this morning.

And lay claim to the alpha coffee mug as a result. I am dealing with my loss. First light indicates a very nice day today.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A work of art?

Roy (M2) and Brian (M1) were so taken with dinner [HDW's White Bean Cassoulet with Menominee smoked turkey and caprese salad], that they were loathe to let it go, prefering to leave the still life represented by the after dinner dishes undisturbed, as an aesthetic reminder of the fine repast. By taking this picture and posting it on the blog, this image will be saved for M1 and M2 to appreciate at their leisure, so they can get off their collective asses and do the dishes now.

Jonah ponders his next move,

After enjoying yooper soul food for lunch.

So it is back to the dock project.

We are distracted from the dock project by the "pull down the broken birch tree with a truck project"

Which turned into the "Lets prove that the broken tree is perfectly safe for now, since we cannot pull it down with a truck" project.

Dock project underway

The remains of the bonfire

Cloudy and cool this morning, but no rain in the forecast.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

First Shag bonfire of 2007

The aftermath

I had a dream.

And so the fry begins

C.S.I. Shag Lake

More reinforcements!

The "Wet Dream" has arrived.

Bluegill aquarium

Reinforcements have arrived!

Supervising Brian prepare the bonfire makes me hungry.

Blogs on collision course.

Harlan's "Longest Day" Blog started in Xian, China on Friday the 25th, and after picking up a day crossing the international dateline, will soon collide with this blog when he arrives at Shag Lake on Saturday the 26th.

Volvo loaded for Michigan

No bass but getting more blugs.

Bass season opener!

Heading for Mitchell. Someone call camp and wake up sleeping beauty (AKA - M1). Tell him to clean camp for visitors while the men are out fishing.

It is a bit chilly this morning.

Friday, May 25, 2007

We can't get Brian away from the table.

Shag Lake Serial Bluegill Killer Strikes Again

You can never have enough Plan 'B's

So we charged two batteries and put them in the boat, because we didn't know which one would hold a charge, and then the switch on the throttle/handle of the motor started acting up and the motor would not go with either battery. So, no problem, we still had oars. After about 15 minutes of rowing, the bolt on the oarlock snapped and went into the drink. So there we were, across the lake without a paddle. Poppa panicked, jump ship and swam ashore. I was forced to swim the boat back to our dock, with the tie rope clenched between my teeth.