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Saturday, June 4, 2016

19th Hole at 5th Annual Alister MacKenzie Benefit Tournament to Save Sharp Park

 A fine finish to a great day with good food, drink, cool items up for bid in a silent auction, fun raffle prizes, and concluding remarks by the San Francisco Public Golf Association leadership.

I was outbid on a foursome at Pasatiempo...

... but Roy won this framed mirrored Bud Light sign.

I think it will look great in his living room.

I don't think Budweiser was a sponsor, but they seemed to be disproportionately represented among the raffle prizes. Just sayin...

My pin-high 320 yard drive on 17

No. Really. This actually happened.
I am calling random passers by to come look at this.
It was with a 30 knot wind assist, and took a few cart path bounces in the right direction, but it really happened. A tough pin position defeated our up and in birdie attempt, but we got the par. 

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Roy on 17th Tee

Roy strides confidently into the 17th tee box...

... and smacks his drive into the lagoon on the right.

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I've identified a problem in Brad's swing...

The upper and lower half of his body are not working together in a smooth coordinated swing. This can create some serious back problems.

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Panoramas on 16

It wasn't Stuart's best drive.

Not Roy's either. Brad managed to get us within 160 yards after driving into the teeth of a stiff wind, and I put it on the green with 19 degree hybrid. We got our team par on the hole.

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Another (Near) Triumph on the 15th

Documenting my birdie putt with Bob's Tree in the background.
Who knows why a bad golfer can reliably play bad golf, yet consistently beat one tough hole?

The par 3 15th is a blind tee shot to a dome green, protected by a sand trap and a ball eating tree (aka "Bob's Tree"). It's 134 yards on the card but usually plays more like 145 - a 7 iron for me. Today with a crossing/following wind, I hit a high 9 iron and the wind carried it 10 feet past. Not good enough for "closest to the hole" but enough to best my foursome.  And what about that putt?

So I got the par. I'm happy with that. 

Brad's approach on 13..

... and in his own words "a worm burning hook into the frog preserve."

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Decisions... Decisions...

The organizers are giving us a choice between Budweiser's "America" beer and a Mexican beer. I can't help but think they are making some sort of Trumpianesque statement with these refreshment choices.

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There are a lot of very talented women golfers at the Save Sharp Park tournament

Including pro golfers, golf industry executives, and high school golf teams...

They are all much better golfers than we are...

And they are playing from the red tees...

... but I am not bitter about that. 

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10th Green

The sun is out. It's turned into a nice (but windy) day.  We are two over at the turn. That's kind of embarrassing in a scramble. My teammates are disappointing me. But I have to blame myself. I chose them. The buck stops here. 

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Brad sinks putt on 7...

... to save par. 

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Stuart off the tee on 4

It was not his best drive...

We had to use my drive so you know we were in trouble.

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We are following the ladies on 18

The tournament is a scramble with a shotgun start, two foursomes per tee and we are in the B group starting on 18. The "A" Group in front of us are a foursome with professional women golfers who can kick our collective ass. They are playing from the red tees. That's the rules, but - you know - just sayin' ... 

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Live blogging the 5th Annual Alister Mackenzie benefit tournament to save Sharp Park

Playing with Roy, Brad, Stuart ...

... the mayor ...

... and a few hundred of my closest friends.

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