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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Artist in Residence

On a tip from brother-in-law Jeff, we check out visiting Chicago Artist in Residence James Kao at his Marina Abromovic 575 Sutter SF gallery opening. Pretty cool to see his interpretation of The City as well as some of the other installations at the gallery.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

New sheriff in town

Well, maybe not a sheriff, but we definitely have a new Assistant District Attorney on the beat in San Francisco. Our god daughter Marisa was sworn in at the Hall of Justice today by none other than Kamala Harris. It is good to know that even if she is in a tough race for California Attorney General, Kamala still is still keeping her eye on the ball at her day job here in the City - including interviewing, hiring and swearing in the new ADA's.

Marisa has been busy since passing the bar exam and being sworn to the California Bar by Judge Martin Jenkins last year. She has been working as a volunteer in the D.A.'s office for the City and has already tried a couple cases. I'm glad they recognized her talent. Sigrid and I had to go down to the HOJ for the ceremony to take pictures and embarrass her. We couldn't be more proud, and I couldn't resist putting together some pics and clips from a few stops on the road to get here...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

19th hole

BP 89 2 skins 
MW 98 7 skins
RE 105 4 skins
DG 115 2 skins

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Bob brings us home on 18

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17th Tee

The guys in front of us are slow.

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Dan out of jail on 15

But not very far out.

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Beer hole

Playing for the extra beer. The sun was finally out, and I was thirsty. Don't ask. Let's just say at the end of the round I was still thirsty.

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At the turn

MW 42
BP 44
RE 52
DG 57

Yes I'm playing out of my mind.

You can see Dan's ball heading into the woods. Well, well into the woods.

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Bob tees off on 8

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Golf gods watch over Roy

As  he returns to golf.

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Dan tees off on 3

Looking to make up for the unplayable on 2. I don't how  Dan could get an unplayable between the white and red tees, but there you go.

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First hole

Which Bob is choosing to play from13th fairway.

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Live Blogging Lincoln

Low clouds but little wind. Comfortable conditions.

We are still arguing about skins.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mandatory stop at the Washoe House...

It has become a tradition for the drive home...

A buffalo burger and beer at the Washoe House bar after a successful abalone safari.

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MW RECOMMENDED: Washoe House - Buffalo Burger and a draft at the bar.

Heading home with 3 abalone hitchhikers in the back

Redwood Grove

eucalyptus portico

A couple of my favorite back roads along the way.

I'll be back-filling pics and video of the dive over the weekend. Got some fun shots.

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Ab Shack Squatters

Mom or Dad? I'm guessing male with the longer tail.

Before the drive back, I noticed some new residents had moved into the Ab Shack. They have constructed a mud and feather nest under eave by the door. Looks like a barn swallow to me.

The nest

Looks like the chicks just hatched

A bird nest under the eave by the door is becoming a theme at my favorite places this year.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Apres Dive - Limit Out

Enjoying a brew and admiring our catch at the top of the bluff. It was a good haul. As usual, I cannot resist taking the first legal ab I find - so I started with a 7 7/8" dwarf. The other two (pulled on one "double header" breath) were right at 9". Normally, I'd consider that a a very respectable days work, but it paled in comparison to Doug's haul - all three in the 9 1/2" to 9 7/8" range.

Tagging the catch on the beach

The haul

And two that got away...

Well.. not really. After I got my limit, I did a few dives to take pictures. I'm pretty sure both of these bad boys were bigger than the ones I took home. They're still there in the cove, waiting for the next trip.

Climbing Out with a full load

The advantage of climbing up first - one has time to recover and shoot video and pictures of those who follow. Doug was complaining bitterly that the wives were not here to help haul the abalone and diving weights out of the cove. I am sympathetic to his position, after all, we were the ones that braved sharks and risked life and limb to get the delicacies. You'd think they would be happy to help.

Doug also highlights the disadvantage of getting all big abs.

Abalone ambush, doubleheader dive, and rock pick

This is another placeholder post pending some video editing. I got some fun video clips of abalone grabbing dives, but they need to be cut down to size. Stay tuned - I'll get the clips posted here eventually. In the meantime - the shot at the top of the post shows Doug with a big ab picked off the rock, and abalone is is still holding the rock. Bringing up a heavy ab with a heavy rock still attached takes some leg work. He needed a breather after that.

What lies beneath - Cove Edition

With the excellent visibility, I got some nice video clips of what there is too see in the cove when the water is clear enough to see it. This is a placeholder post until I get a video edited with highlights. One unique aspect of this dive was the jellyfish. The cove was filled with them. I don't remember noticing Jellyfish in the cove before, but couldn't ignore them on this dive. Check back for video later.

Cove Conditions

It was about as good as it gets. Water was calm and clear, but close to high tide. Weather was a bit foggy as we went in, the sun came out for the dive and the clouds came back just as we finished. Compare this condtions to one of the times we were washed out last year:

Good Cove

Bad Cove

Water looks good

Good viz and calm. Goin in.

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At the ab shack

Equipment parity check.

Water looks low and calm.

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The sweet siren song of the abalone... calling me North. My man on the ground says conditions are great. Foggy on the bridge, but clear in the water.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

19th hole

BP 91 (45 46) 9 skins
AZ 96 (50 46)
MW 98 (52 46) 4 skins
RZ 103 (55 48) 4 skins

One of these scores is not like the others.

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Bringing it home on 18

Rick's 2nd shot after a fine drive... only 45 yards behind my 267 yard scorcher - visible in the distance over his shoulder.

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17th tee portrait

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My 23 foot birdie putt is on the way...


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Adam is proud of his 249 yard drive on 14

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Beer hole

Bob won, but he complained so Rick (who bought the beer) awarded it to me. It was the right thing to do.

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After the turn

BP 45 3 skins
RZ 48 4 skins
AZ 50 
MW 52 2 skins

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Bob's scrambling 10th

Was good enuf for a bogey, but not for a skin - as I parred the hole

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Adam's 2nd shot on the 90 yd par 3 8th

He almost made it to the green with this shot.

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5th tee -on the green

Unfortunately, it was my provisional. Even more unfortunate ... I found the first ball in the woods. It took a while to get back on the course and a score too preposterous to report.

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Sam Snead on the 4th tee

Nice drive down the middle, but 35 short of mine.  

3 skins on this hole.

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