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Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Delhi

View from our room

Arrived late last night. We flew on a Continental 777 co-share with United. While Continental does a better job than United, flying 14 hours in economy is still flying14 hours in economy. It is not made easier on a full flight with an unhappy 14 month old across the aisle. Just something to be endured. Sigrid handled the flight with stoicism and grace for at least 12 of the 14 hours. Our tour representative found us at the airport and we made it the hotel and crashed

We'll be relaxing, recovering, and exploring the hotel grounds and neighborhood this morning.
Hotel pool.


Breakfast buffet comes with the room and includes traditional English, Japanese, and Indian selections. Sigrid went with an omelette, while I focused on Indian specialties. It was good, although I was not sure what I was eating. This is a top quality hotel, so we' threw caution to the wind and enjoyed the fruits, yogurts, chutneys, and fresh squeezed juice. So far so good.

Note: The blog posts are posting using San Francisco time/date. Undecided how to handle this - right now I'll just all the add the local time in the body of the post.

Delhi Time: Friday 05-Feb-10 10:00 AM


Anonymous said...

looks like pomegranate, couscous, and the bread humm, special name. had some on devon ave. earlier this year. cant remember the name though. the rest ?? is unkown to me. very colorful, !

mw said...

Yeah, I can't remember the names of half the stuff I am eating. Hopefully I'll be better at it by the end of the trip. But I think the bread is called Naan.

Anonymous said...

yess... naan. thank you was beginning to think i had to drive over to devon just to get this off my mind.