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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blue Blazes crew shows up to congratulate the winners

They don't appear to be as happy as the Morpheus crew. I think they are making Jim an offer to buy Morpheus.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Race crew briefing the delivery crew

Battery running out. Last post for a while.

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The crew is complete

Issuing dog tags, and heading out to celebrate with the winning race crew.

I think he is a little over dressed.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Waiting for Brian..

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Found the crew in closest bar to dock

Captain is still MIA. Possibly lost at sea.I delivered Deb's news. Everyone excited. Hope she is right. 

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First Finish Times are up!!!

These are the finish order and times. Not the placings!

1 Stealth Chicken Tuesday, 3/30/2010 22:09:55
2 Warrior Tuesday, 3/30/2010 23:17:53
3 Blue Blazes Wednesday, 3/31/2010 0:02:39
4 Resolute Wednesday, 3/31/2010 0:25:03
5 Derivative Wednesday, 3/31/2010 3:02:10
6 Reinrag2 Wednesday, 3/31/2010 3:14:59
7 Morpheus Wednesday, 3/31/2010 3:29:41
8 Piranha Wednesday, 3/31/2010 5:05:05
9 Prevail Wednesday, 3/31/2010 6:19:30

Who knows the ratings????

I found Morpheus

No sign of the crew. Probably heading for the hotel.

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They're In!

News from the boat as of 5 am. They have finished!!! They are really wondering what time everyone else finished. The RC is posting to face book, so they have the most up to date finish times. Become a fan of the 2010 Cabo race.

Early Morning Finish?

We made it to Cabo and checked into the hotel. Internet connectivity is giving me fits, and was functionally impossible until after midnight. I don't know why. The palm pre is doing better but has its own quirks. Anyway, here is the latest from iBoat.

As of 10 PM Morpheus was 33 knots out and moving at six knots. That puts her at the finish between 4-5:00 AM. About three hours from now.

I intended to welcome her and get some pictures of Morpheus as she arrived.

Not going to happen.

I am going to bed.

Welcome to Cabo Morpheus and crew!

Great race!

Good night.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


1st drink in the 2nd of a 3 airport day. We have some time to kill before the flight to Cabo. A smoked pork sandwich at Route 66 fortifies us for the day to come. Recommended in PHX.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre


Met crewmate Dan at the gate. Should be in Cabo by 3ish.  Not sure whether we'll get there ahead of Morpheus.

The traditional newstand shot before a trip.  Unemployment and factory closings are in the local news.  Not sure how massive new Obamacare spending and tax burdens imposed on employers is supposed to help.  WTF. We're going sailing.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Morpheus Racing - Closing in on the finish

More screen shots tracking the race to Cabo. After three days before the mast, Morpheus is closing in on the finish. Depending on winds, Jim may get to the hotel before I do tomorrow. I think Morpheus gets 6-8 hours from Blue Blazes, so might be in a position to beat her on handicapped time.

Watching this animation (most recent linked here), I just realized that Morpheus has been drag racing against Prevail for a couple of days. They've got to be in sight of each other, and one is not letting the other go. The race blog reports Prevail in the lead for Class "C". Go get 'em Jim.

On boat mapper I noticed that Piranha was in this race. "Hmmm..." I think to myself "That name seems familiar." Oh yeah. Now I remember. Piranha had a bad day during the Baja Bash delivery back from Cabo three years ago. I guess this is the owners replacement boat.

You'd think he'd go with a different name.

I'm pretty sure he'll go with a different delivery crew.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

18th fairway

Rick didn't get the memo on the uniform of the day. Phone is almost out of juice.

Phone went dead as soon as I sent this pic. Back and charged now - final results:

MW- 107 12 skins
RZ - 115 6 Skins

Team 10 under. We did not finish last.

Did I mention that I birdied 18?

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Bringing it home on 18

My best drive of the day. Striped it 240 yards down the middle. Followed by my best fairway shot of the day. Hybrid to 100 yards on the left side in perfect position to attack the green. Followed by my best approach shot of the day. A perfect wedge to 6 feet. Followed by my best putt of the day. Birdie to finish on a high note.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

17th tee

I was tired of those damn crows stealing my food at the turn.

So I raided their nest and ate one of their children.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Marcus out of jail on 13

Saved a bogey.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Rick out of the trap on 13

But missed the green.
-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Ricks tee on 13

This was supposed to be a shot of me, but it's not because Rick can't operate the camera on the Pre.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

At the turn

MW 54  6 skins
RZ  58  3 skins

Team is 7 under

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Rick finally wins a skin on 9

Two putting for par after I hit my tee shot ob.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Marcus tees off on 9

Bob questions his club selection

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Rick blasts it off the 7th tee

Well past the ladies tee.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Bob pushes it right on 6

Pin high.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Rick lays up off the tee on 5

Cleverly avoiding the water 270 yds away with a 60 yard tee shot.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Marcus puts in on the 4th green in two

For a par. He is carrying us.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Live blogging Poppy hills

OGC event

They foisted me and Rick on Marcus and Bob - poor bastards.

They were Sun employees but recently were absorbed into the Borg.

Resistance is futile.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Friday, March 26, 2010

...and they're off!!!

A couple of screen shots from iBoat as the race is underway. The tracking lines are on Blue Blazes (green line) and Morpheus (blue line). I'm tracking Blue Blazes because in past years she has been one of the fasted boats out there.
Looks like Blue Blazes was portaged across Balboa Island. Damn cheaters.

Hmmm. I'm guessing Jim caught sight of Blue Blazes and now is going to try and keep her in sight. Although BB is faster, this is a handicapped race. If Jim stays anywhere close, Morpheus will have the better net time.

Morpheus Racing Today

Morpheus Blog

Jim and crew will soon hear the starting gun and Morpheus will be racing from Newport Beach, Ca to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I'll be meeting him there in a few days to help bring Morpheus home.

For any interested cyber-spectators, I've included some relevant links on this post. These screenshots are from the iBoat Race Tracker site. There are 35 boats in the fleet and they have transponders on board so we can track their progress. Morpheus is in Class C. Blue Blazes is the nemesis.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Escanaba Pail Ale - Bottle #7

Cousins Matt, Tina and daughter Kira are visiting our fair city. They claim to not have time for a "power tour", but skies were clear - so after they finished rubbing elbows with King Tut and a few thousand fellow tourists at the DeYoung Museum - I took them up to Twin Peaks for the view.

Click image to enlarge

It was a bit windy

Afterword we meet Brewmaster Sean at 21st Amendment, sample some of their brews, and compare it to a bottle of Escanaba Pail Ale I smuggled into the micro-brewery.

Sean was concerned about being thrown out of his neighborhood watering hole.

Bottle #7 bites the dust.

Matt assesses the bouquet

Just a little housekeeping - prior to consumption, we agreed to swap my bottle #7 for Matt's bottle #16 currently residing at Camp. The spreadsheet has been updated to reflect this change.

I am hoping for tasting notes from this bottle to be added in the comments, so we can update the tasting notes spreadsheet without relying on my sometimes imperfect memory. However, I am not optimistic. This branch of the family has proven to be singularly irresponsible about documenting their consumption of this fine home brew.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Escanaba Pail Ale - Bottle #4

Continuing the new MW Mobile Blog tradition of stealing content from relatives, the following report was shamelessly ripped from nephew Roy's blog. Photos, video and copy presented and backposted here in order to preserve the status of MW Mobile Blog as the Official Blog of Record for Escanaba Pail Ale.

The Roy Report:

Tasting EPA bottle #4

The Escanaba Pail Ale was created from ingredients indigenous to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, most notably the water from the Escanaba River, documented on EATARF. This post documents the tasting of bottle #4, the Brett Favre addition, 5 months after the brewing.

First things first, the EPA needs to be rescued from it's frozen crypt.

The hero stands with his prize.

EPA poured into our drinking glasses.

We wanted to make sure that the bouquet, color, head, and taste could be properly appreciated.

A toast to the future, and the excellent (decent?) pictures of the 82nd Academy Awards.

So.... what do the people think?
  • JC: "Light and subtle when drank, almost too light. The aftertaste sustains itself, building to an excellent experience."
  • R(W)C: "This beverage will not overwhelm the palate at first, but provides a taste that has long lasting impact, even after the glass is empty."
  • R(A)C: "Smells bitter like beer. Tastes bitter like beer."