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Friday, October 31, 2008

in the San Diego airport

Visiting friends wes and Susan for the weekend. Halloween and an impending election. Not sure which is scarier.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

19th hole

BP 90
RE 94
MW 103
DG 103

Roy won 8 skins and the big bucks.

Finishing up on 18

Bob out of the trap on 17

after taking an unplayable in the trap

Dan out of the crap.

Bob tees off on 16

Nice drive. But not as good as mine...

My drive on 13

235 to the left side of the fairway

Dan's 2nd shot on 11

after almost driving the green.

At the turn

Bp 44
re 48
mw 53
dg 54

I am out of balance.

The golf gods look on approvingly

As Bob tees off on 6

Roy sinks a 4 footer

For a 6 on 5

Dan tees off on 5

Bob approach on 4

Roy has honors on 3

After sinking a 30 foot putt for birdie on 2.

Live blogging Lincoln

Some pleasant SF fog.

Seventh Graders Get in on the Debate

EDITED: MW Notes - Thanks for posting this Roy, although after watching this, I am not sure why you posted this or who these kids are. They seem like nice kids though. In the spirit of bipartisanship, I thought I would also add a video that touched my heart, with some more adorable kids singing for our future dear leader...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lincoln Park vs. Olympic Club

In case you were wondering whether you should join the Olympic Club or Lincoln Park Golf Club, a detailed comparison in this article comparing features of the Olympic Club and Lincoln Park:
Clubhouse sommelier{check}
Guy selling sodas out of his car trunk
Fancy guard shack to keep out riff-raff{check}
Fast greens* {check}
Fast fairways**
Picturesque man-made lakes{check}
Picturesque broken-pipe-made lakes
Previous NCGA titles^

*rated by stimpmeter

**rated by kids who sneak onto course at night and ride blocks of ice down the hills

^Lincoln won in 1995 and 1997

Thursday, October 23, 2008

19th hole the Saint Francis Yacht Club.

I had the tuna melt.

Joe 97
mw 104
jim 106

The last putt

A 35 foot putt for birdie on the 9th hole.
Missed, but finished with my only par of the day.

Last hole

9th hole, because we started on 10.

Jim tees off on ... um...

I forgot which hole.

But I like it when I catch the ball in flight.

I asked Jim to take a photo...

... of me teeing off. I don't know what he was thinking.

Joe tees off on 3

Jim hits his 2nd shot on the par four 1st hole

If you look in the general direction that Jim's club is pointing, you can see my drive about 50 yards further down the fairway.

At the turn

We started at 10

joe 50
mw 52
jim 54

Jim tries left handed golf

With a right handed club

Live Blogging Presidio

With Jim the Sailor and Joe the Sales Guy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Angel Island on fire.

This is what I am looking at from our terrace right now. Angel Island - located in the middle of San Francisco Bay - is on fire.

I am hearing on the nightly news that it is a 10 acre fire and they will need to ferry fire fighters and equipment to the island. I'd guess it was probably a wayward campfire that started it. Wild. We can smell the smoke from here.

For perspective, this picture was taken with the same camera as the photo at the top of this post, from a similar perspective earlier in the day. We were watching the Blue Angels perform in the annual Fleet Week celebration.

View Larger Map

19th Hole

MW 94
BP 94
RE 106
RZ 106

Got to the clubhouse bar just in time to watch the Bears first win, then lose, the football game in the last 10 seconds. Bears suck. Cubs suck.

Roys approach on 17

Bob tees off on 17 ...

... to just off the green from the blues (240 yards).

Despite his bad day, Bob is on his way to a par on 17 after a par on the equally long par 3 16th. Even on a bad day, a pair of pars on these two tough holes is a noteworthy accomplishment.

Traditional 17th portrait

Rick tees off on 16

Into the trees on the right.

Bobs approach on 14

After fishing an unplayable out of the tree stump on the right.

Bob is having a bad day.

Lighting up a Monte Cristo

With the souvenir lighter Roy brought back from his trip to Sweden. The TREO camera is not sufficient to resolve the the graphic on the lighter. It is probably best.

Shortly before hitting into the tree on 12, but still salvaged par with a miracle hole-out from off the green.

I am having a good day.

At the turn

BP 45
MW 48
RZ 53
RE 57

I have 5 skins. Not bad after an 8 7 start.

Rick tees off on 8

Short and left

Will the golf gods smile on my drive?

As it turned out... they did. I aimed the drive straight, 90 degrees to the dogleg right, but pushed the ball right and then it started leaking further right with my patented calibrated slice. Net net - I cut the corner of the dogleg perfectly. My drive landed 80 yards from the green. The approach landed on the green and I two putt for par. Golf is an easy game.

Bob out of the trap on 5

Rick whiffs

From the fairway on 5

Roy tees off on 4

Into the woods on the right

Bob chips to the par 3 3rd

While I wait to putt my drive, on the way to a par.

Live Blogging Lincoln

Roy, Rick, Bob, me. Bad start on first.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maltese Falcon visits San Francisco

The Maltese Falcon

I'm back in SF. While I was in Michigan, the Maltese Falcon paid a visit to San Francisco. Sigrid took these pictures from our terrace on September 27 and October 5.

Escorted into San Francisco Bay.

Between Alcatraz and Angel Island.

Doing a victory lap. Or something.

Off of Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Camp Close - Status Report

Ready for the next visitors. Wood and kindling is stacked and ready.

Six bottles of wine and emergency beers in the wine cellar.
Water Boss over salted.

Whiskey and bad coffee fully stocked.
A small quantity of emergency quantity of good coffee available.

Refrigerator empty and unplugged.

Cupboard is bare, but plenty of paper plates...

... and paper towels.

Towels and linens, clean and stored. Adequate toilet paper.

The green halogen lamp started smoking the last night.
Not sure what is going on, but unplugged it.

In addition - Gas was not replenished. No idea how much is left. Gas is off at tanks and by stove.