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Friday, February 5, 2010

Khan Market

The Khan Market is an easy walk from the hotel. The concierge cautioned us that the "touts" would tell us that the market is closed. It was a useful warning. All along the walk we had jitney drivers and pedestrians greet us, pace us, and offer advice. "The Khan market is closed. It is a holiday, they are closed today." "They only have restaurants open, I will take you a real Indian bazaar." "You are staying at the hotel? I work at the hotel! The Khan market is closed today. I will show you a better market." The closer we got to the market, the more strident they became -"You must turn here! Not that way! This way! The market is this way!" Unsurprisingly, we later learned they are paid a commission for bringing tourists to the non-Kahn Market shops.

We stayed the course and made it to the market. The market was not closed.

Sigrid purchased a pashmina from OCM Suitings and I picked up a blank book made of handmade paper with an enameled cover from Handpaper World. It is a cool store. Even the receipt was printed on handmade paper and the shopping bag was fashioned from recycled newspaper. I'll use it to keep a trip journal as I have in other travel adventures(while the the intertube is available at our current hotel - we won't have it for many parts of the trip).

Scenes from the Khan Market:

Delhi Time: 05-Feb-2010 6:00 2:00 PM

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