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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Watching Doug Dive

Got a call from my dive buddy Doug. He was going to be on the North Coast with wife Peggy and wanted to get some abs.  Of course, while still in the early stages of rotator cuff surgery recovery, I couldn't even get into a wetsuit, let alone dive.  I met them at the cove anyway, to live vicariously watching Doug dive.  It was motivational, I still hope to get back in the water before the season closes in November.

A beautiful day and great conditions.

Doug and Peg approve of the new driveway
The usual drill...

Climb down
Get in the water

I like to watch.

I had to be satisfied doing a little picking in the shallows.

Sometimes you get lucky
Peg kept a watchful eye from the blufftop. Doug got his limit. I found a couple.

Traditional apres dive celebratory beer

It's always fun at the cove, but when you get them home you have to clean and slice the buggers.

Kitchen converted to ab cleaning assembly line
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

 Shell popped and added to boneyard collection

From the ugly to the sublime ...
After slicing, trimming. Can't resist sashimi samples.

Small trimming scraps become ceviche'

More sashimi

To tired to cook the ab steaks tonight. Tomorrow - Abalone Piccata.