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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last catch

Trout season ended in Michigan at sunset.
The days catch. The bigger one was caught as it was getting dark, and may be the last trout caught in the 2007 trout season for the entire state of Michigan.

Trout for breakfast ... or maybe brunch.

Getting dark ...

Yes I am on the Escanaba

With a fly rod in my hand

Lil' camp with a lil' color

Last marker

3rd marker?

Fall color on the road to camp.

Marker #2

On the road to lil' camp

First mark off of 565

Sunday dawn

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bad Dream

This is why you need a pole under the cover to keep water from pooling. If the cover breaks, the Otts really will have a wet dream. You can't tell from the picture, but the water is a foot and a half deep. There is more water in the cover than there is in the bay.

Please reference previous blog posts on this subject here, here and here, not to mention previous Titanic history. I believe the Otts may have a collective learning disability problem.


Sort of

Back at it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Made it to the lake at last light.

Fire, water, electricity, hot water, all good. Can't find the spigot to refill the lake though.

Sunset on the back route into camp

By way of Arnold. Wild turkeys and deer in field after they crossed the road in front of us.

A short break along the way

There is a funny smell here.

Grafton for gas and coffee

Last good coffee between here and Shag Lake

Showing our colors in Miilwaukee

Cubs lead Brewers by two with four to go.

Beer town

Last stop before we hit the road north.

Poppa insisted.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bad Golfers in China

Two members in good standing of the LPBGA (Lincoln Park Bad Golfer Association) were recently photographed at the Beijing Chaoyang Golf Club.

No word on scores yet. However, there was a report that all American golfers have been banned from playing in China shortly after these photos were taken. .

Nice Hat.

Nothing like a day on a well maintained Commie fairway, breathing that good Marxist smog.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

apres round - beer and lunch

mw 98
jp 100
bp 76

Yes that is a 76. Bob has irrevocably removed himself from the bad golfer community.We'll miss him.

On a side not, we were accused by bartender Crystal of walking out on the bill last time at the Tee Off Bar. Not true. We left a pile of cash on the table with nice tip. Apparently they have some dishonest and unsavory patrons at the Tee Off. I recall there were a couple of guys playing pool across from our table. I'd say they were the prime suspects.

Food was great. I had the Kansas City brisket.

Julie off the 17th

Obligatory 17th portrait

Peele no. 2 off the 16th tee

Peele #1 off the 16th tee

Bob's birdie putt on 12


At the turn

mw 47
bp 38
jp 52

my lip out birdie putt

Par on 8

And smartly out

Julie into right bunker on 8

Bob shows his form to golf gods on 6th tee box