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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Who's name will go on the trophy?

No expense was spared fabricating a custom trophy.

BAD LUUGI II excitement builds.

With the tournament less that 24 hours away, crowds are beginning to line up at the gate, with some fans reportedly planning to sleep in makeshift shelters on the course to ensure great vantange points to watch the action. Record breaking galleries are predicted.

The course is ready

Weather conditions are uncertain for the tourney.

I was not happy to see 12th pin back on the green.

I would've preferred to have it remain a temp for another day. Spent some time to be sure the green was playable. Heads are going to roll over this.

At my insistence, the ground under repair fence ...

... Between 6 and 10 has been removed and the entire area re-sodded.

Follow-up inspection underway

Friday, June 29, 2007

On 18 in regulation ...

... after a rare 185 yard 3 wood off the deck. 40 foot 2 putt for a par. Greens are rolling true, although a bit slow in heavy fog. No rooster tails, but balltracks visible in the dew assist reading the greens.

The greens have been fertilized

I have instructed them to cut the greens fast. I was not happy with the condition on 12 so instructed the course to set up a temp for a day to give the hole a chance to recover.

Up early for a surprise inspection on the greenskeeper prep of the track

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bob is really happy now ...

After I pressed down 5 skins on 18 and lost.

Rick wasting time

Traditional 17 portrait

Bob is in a better mood.

After a birdie on 15. I still think he needs stiffer shafts.

I don't like trend going into 14

The zwicker boys with comparable 2nd shots on par 5 thirteenth

And a couple of more 13th shots from Rick...

Bob s tee shot on 11

He is in a worse mood than usual.

Bobs approach on 11

Close but still 3 putt.

At the turn.

Mw 49
bp - 45
rz - 54
az- 53

Out of the sand on 8

Worst lie ever.

Analyzing the situation.

Visualizing with a practice swing.

And out!

Adam duffs one on 8 ...

but gets a nice drive off on nine...

Bob lines up birdie putt...

While I wait for mine. Yes that is my approach shot on the number 1 handicap. I got the kick in par. Bob had a bad luck bogey..

Some artistic photography on the fourth tee ...

... while we are waiting for fairway to clear.

Bob managed to hit into the foursome in front of us anyway.
Bob is very impatient.

Got the dots figured out while waiting on 3

Zwicker the Greator has 2 skins thanks to a push on 1

LUUGI practice round underway

Play with your friends. Larry Moe on Curley on 2nd tee.

The pose needs work.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad back.

But 19th hole is good.
MW 109
BP 96

18 at last

230 yards into fairway bunker.

Bob teeing off on par 3 15

After a double triple start on the back...

Time to restore a little balance with a cohiba and a bloody mary.

At the turn.

MW 50
BP 46

Bob's 2nd shot 9 ...

That would be my drive, 35 yards further up the fairway.

Bob sinks bogey putt on 7

Yes that is my approach on the par 5 second.

Which I sank for a birdie. One under after two.

BAD LUUGI Tournament Planning Committee

In energency session at Presidio this morning