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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Looks like we have a shot at 2nd.

But three strokes behind the leaders (this is a net two best ball/foursome team tourney).

UPDATE: This post was a bit optimistic. I think we finished 4th in the team competition, but Roy played great and broke 100 for the first time at an OGC event. Unfortunately he was not to able to make up for Don's many 8's and 9's.

Final Scores:
RE - 98
MW -111
DH - 112
RZ - Some number larger than that.

Heading home.

On 18th tee.

Rick out of the fairway bunker

While Roy and Don look for Don's ball in the next fairway. You can see them in the distance over Rick's shoulder. This fairway, in the foreground, is the one we are supposed to be playing.

Rick's 2nd on 14...

From somewhere well behind the red tees...

That's my drive in the far distance in the middle of the fairway

Out of the crap

And back in

Don experiences some gender confusion

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

At the turn

RE 51
RZ 54
DH 54
MW 57

We may be 15 under as a team, despite Don's poor performance. The excitement is building.

Bringing it home on 9

Roy tries to finish a magnificent front. He is playing miles over his head.

Speaking of which. I hit a 270 yard drive on this hole.

Rick skies it on 8

Roy tees off on 7

Rick's approach on 6...


Roy out of the trap

For a save and a par.

He is kicking ass today. Two pars already.

Don tees off on 3

He has some ground to make up after a pair of snowmen to start the round. He partially redeems hinself with a par here.

Live blogging Poppy Ridge

The usual suspects.
OGC event. Chardonnay and Zinfandel courses.

Friday, January 30, 2009

How do you catch a 56" Northern Pike? - UPDATED & DEBUNKED

I got an e-mail from a friend with these pictures. Apparently this e-mail has been circulating for a couple of years, as I was able to google several blog posts with the same story. This may be a world record pike caught on a hook and line at 56 inches, 55 pounds, caught on Rainy Lake in Ontario. It may also be complete BS. In any case, I had not seen this before, and if true, the amazing thing is how the fish was caught.

Which goes to the question in the title...

You catch a 56" pike, by trolling with a 36" pike.

Apparently the angler caught the 36" pike, a trophy in its own right, and while reeling it in - the monster pike tried to eat it and would not let go. He netted them both.

UPDATE 10-June-09:
I note that this post continues to get hit on google searches for "56" pikes", so I guess the e-mail that was my source is still actively circulating on the intertubes. I decided to update this with the most recent information I have learned to save time for any who were as curious about this story as I was.

The e-mail shows two different fish. The last picture of the big pike grabbing the small pike has nothing to do with the pictures that go before. I don't know the source of the last picture.

The first two pictures are legitimate, documenting a fish caught by Ewout Blom in an unnamed lake in the Netherlands at the end of 2004. The story is documented in article by the fisherman in the picture linked here, and orginally published in 2007. According to the fisherman, the actual size of this pike is 127 cm (50") and 19.5 kg (42.9 lbs). A big fish by any standards, but not what is claimed in the e-mail.

Hat tip to the boys at the Alberta Outdoorsman Forum for ferreting out the real story.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

19th hole

Joe 97
Don 103
Mike 109

In retrospect, playing from the blues was a very bad idea.

My drive on 18

A good one.

By that I mean that I made it across.

3 of us in the trap

3 of us out

Joe makes up for that last tee shot.

Don just misses his bogey putt

Don has problems on 14

Joe tees off on 14

Yes, that is the ball squirting off to the left.

At the turn

Joe 46
Don 49
Mike 52

I tee off on 9

235 yds to the left fairway. On in regulation (sort of). Two putts. Par. I played this hole like a golfer. I was playing polo (sans pony) on the other 17 holes.

Don tees off on 7

Leaks right

Joe tees off on 6

Don out of the trap on 5


Live blogging Harding

With Joe and Don. After whining about the rain last week and making us reschedule for today, Roy wimped out anyway.

Dawn at Harding

Early tee time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well. This is annoying.

In the news today:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to tax golf

SACRAMENTO, Ca. – Golf course owners and some of their customers are teed off at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. So are veterinarians, auto mechanics and amusement park operators. Their anger is directed at the Republican governor's proposal to extend the state sales tax to cover more services, an idea that has surfaced in other states as they race to plug crippling budget deficits. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a research clearinghouse, predicts such deficits nationwide could reach $350 billion by 2011. In California, Schwarzenegger wants to help close a nearly $42 billion budget deficit by taxing rounds of golf, auto repairs, veterinary care, amusement park and sporting event admissions and appliance and furniture repairs.... Sean Grace, a home remodeling contractor from the Sacramento suburb of Elk Grove, said die-hard golfers will find a way to pay the tax if lawmakers approve it. "Ten percent is not too much," he said before slamming a long drive down the fifth fairway at Sacramento's Land Park golf course. "You've got guys paying $100 (for green fees). What's another $10? They're going to find it somewhere."

We've got a budget crisis in California. If the Governator can get a compromise and reduced spending out of the Democratic legislature by extending sales taxes to recreational activities like golf - so it goes.

I would be a lot happier if any of the money went back into fixing up local SF courses like Lincoln - but then - I'm a dreamer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Journalism makes me hungry.

On the walk home - stopped for an open faced smoked salmon and cucumber sandwich with creme fraiche, shallots, capers and a side of greens at La Boulange de Polk.

UPDATE: Upgraded some of the cell phone pics in this series with better quality snaps and added video.

Window shopping

" The Magazine" Storefront on Larkin

Maybe I should have watched it from here.

I am kind of thirsty.

Things are wrapping up...

Crowd is dispersing. Picked up some literature from this guy for a little lunchtime reading. Thought you might enjoy a sample poem from this issue of the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal:

Where'd all its wonderful promises go?

All those neighbors two or three blocks over
who'd for year been wanting to know you better
without your knowing -
neighbors who wanted nothing
so much as they wanted you to be happy
and rich?

And what happened to all those warehouses somewhere
filled with special Amway soap?---
and the twice-a-a-year pyramidic cheering
at some resort somewhere
around huge iced-bowls of shrimp?

And how'd it happen you're not rich?

- Reid Bush
I kinda like it.

Post Inaugural Obamagasm Refractory Period

Relaxing to the soothing song stylings of John Lennon singing Imagine.

I need a cigarette.

How much longer...

...until everyone is sick and tired of Obamafied graphics?

Schnauzers for Obama

National Anthem

A lot of singing in the crowd. You know - San Francisco values.

Inaugural speech just finished - Messages to Obama

A very good speech. Except for that part about it not mattering how big government gets. Cue unintended consequences.

The poster in the image above is a color swatch mosaic portrait of Obama mounted on and framed by a canvas backing. People were handed sharpies to write messages to Obama on the canvas. I have no idea what will become of this or where it will be displayed.

Of course I added a message, but not sure if it is readable or not...[Click image to expand]

Capitalists for Obama

Done deal.

Oath of Office - Crowd Reaction

Crappy video from my Treo taken during the Oath of Office. The crowd reaction is more audible than the Oath itself. The laugh is in response to the Roberts screw up. You know what the applause was...

Rick Warren on the screen

A smattering of boos at the introduction, but cheers when he said "our first african american president"

Chihauha's for Obama

Katie Couric on the speaker. Pictures of Bush just got booed.

Going in...

At the civic center. Crowds a bit smaller and more sedate than I hoped. Of course, it is 8:30 AM.

Street art on Polk

First things first.

Coffee. And a bag of socks for admission.

Live blogging Inauguration day (SF style)

A *cough* new dawn for America.

Sorry couldn't help myself.

San Francisco political events are always entertaining. Almost six years ago to the day, I attended a peace protest on the streets of San Francisco and sent an illustrated report to friends and family (this before my blogging days). With the war as the legacy of the last president, I have retroactively posted that e-mail here on the blog. consider it kind of a karmic purging of the last administration.

There will be a inaugural simulcast event at the Civic Center this morning, and I'll be walking down to the Civic Center in the early light for a live-blog report. I don't know how many people will be there, but I am hopeful that SF will live up to its political entertainment reputation.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank god its over.

DH 98 45 53
RE 99 47 52
MW 111 55 54 57
RZ 113 55 58

I have serious work to do before Harding on Thursday.