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Sunday, October 19, 2014

19th Hole

BF 96
MS 97
RZ 103
MW 112

"Congratulations to Other Bob for a sterling debut." - Other Mike

"The food was good so the day was not a total loss." - RZ

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Other Mike drains 12 footer for a par on 17

 ...and a strong finish.

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Rick out of the trap on 17...


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17th tee Portrait w Alcoholic Squirrel

He really wanted that beer.

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16th tee

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Mike and Mike vs. Bob and Rick on the beer hole

Apparently, the "Mikes" are just not a good team.

I did my part.

I beat Rick by 1 stroke.

Just sayin'
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At the turn

MS 46
BF 48
RT 48
MW 54

It was worse than it looks.

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The Mikes Tee Off on 7...

... and a Bob

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Bob finds some trouble on six


... and again.

Not his best hole.

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Rick on the fourth hole...

... misses the par but gets the bogey.

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O.B. (Other Bob) off the second tee

Other Bob was immediately put on probation after his great drive on the first tee. However, after missing a 18 inch putt he was immediately reinstated as a member of the bad golfer club in good standing.

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Live Blogging Sharp Park

With Rick, Other Mike, and Other Bob.

We expected fog on the coast today, but looks like we're going to have a beautiful day.

This is my first golf live blog with the Samsung 5. We'll see how it goes.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall visit to the Lake - Fourth and Final Crew.

Roy and girlfriend Roxanne got a really early start on the drive from Chicago and arrived in time for lunch. As this was Roxie's first trip to the UP, a pasty was mandatory for her first Yooper meal.  Once suitably fortified, we immediately set out on the lake for another pike hunting expedition.

Not sure if Roxie was quite prepared for the shock of a brisk, cool,cold and blustery autumn day on the lake.

It didn't get warmer as the sun went down.

We tested the new net - hand delivered on an emergency shipment from Berwyn...

... and rid the lake of a few more pike.

Suitable for a fine dinner of salad, rice pilaf and our go-to recipe of pike saute'd in tarragon, garlic,  and wine.

After dinner, we finally managed to get a bonfire going with the help of a little "Boy Scout Juice". It was quite an exciting start to the fire. I never liked the hair on my left forearm anyway.

Roy, having just been notified of passing the bar exam after graduating from law school last spring,  finished the day with the traditional fire ceremony. Here he purges himself of the last vestiges of academic life by tossing a representative textbook into the fire. 

The day was a successful and suitable introduction to Shag Lake for Roxie.

Monday, October 6, 2014

A View Of The Rooms

We awoke to a frosty morning and  your run-of-the-mill lakeside sunrise spectacular. (Yes, I know the blog is way behind*).

frosty morning

First frost and the first day since we arrived that we did not have any other family in the lake house. We have the Camp Lake House to ourselves for a few days. Just Dad and me and a tree service work crew.

There are some dead and dying birch that were a little too close to either the house or shed so they had to be converted to firewood. Joe, his "cherry picker" truck,  and his All American Tree Service crew made short work of the four trees of concern. It was fun watching the work from our terrace in the canopy.

 Even more fun, was commandeering the "cherry picker" for an otherwise near impossible maintenance task - applying sealer to the chimney masonry facade.  Sister Robyn suggested assigned me this opportunity to get it done.

We were ready with supplies and the weather cooperated. Joe manipulated the bucket into position from the ground while I rode and sprayed the chimney. Even better, when the job was done he took the bucket above the tree line to afford me some spectacular vistas and a unique photo opp using both my new Samsung 5 and GoPro Hero (I also shot some video clips which may or may not ever be added to this post).

click to bigify this unique bay panorama

A fun ride, but there is still some work to do. Lots of birch to split and brush to burn.

This is a job for a younger generation. I am looking at you Roy, Brian, Erik, Zach and Joel.

*[BLOGGERS NOTE: I am hopelessly behind on this blog, and paralyzed by the 10 or so posts that should be between here and the last post. So I have decided to ignore them and just start again from. Road to hell notwithstanding, my good intentions are to move backward and forward in time from here. For The Reader waiting breathlessly for prior posts - periodically check back and scroll backward in time. If I ever fill oin the gap I will delete this note. It'll be just like it never happened. That is all.]