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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old Delhi

After breakfast, we meet our guide Shurveer (pictured in the Rickshaw above) and a driver for a day long tour of Old Delhi. The description of the morning activity from the itinerary:
"Start your exploration of India with a city tour of Old Delhi that includes visits to the Jama Masjid (1650 AD) which is the largest mosque in India, and the amazing Red Fort (1639-48) which was the seat of the Moghul Empire for more than 250 years. Enjoy a rickshaw ride along the alleys of the ancient bazaar at Chandni Chowk."
It was a power tour covering a lot of ground. The Rickshaw ride through the market was amazing. I'll add another post later to cover the rest of the tour, but that ride deserved a post of its own. We felt sorry for the guy who got the short straw, and had to pull the two big ass Americans through the frenetic market.

I was fascinated by the chaotic spaghetti-like maze of electric power lines filling the narrow overhead space between and crawling up the sides of the old buildings.

It reminded me of this old etching from turn of the century New York City.

Delhi time: 06-Feb-2010 12:00 PM


Jeff Carlson said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Laurie said...

These photos are great. It's like I get to go with you! Those wires above are interesting. How many help desks are involved in all that? Give my love to S.