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Monday, December 31, 2012

Not Live Blogging Sharp Park

We were planning to spend New Year's Eve with friends in Carmel, but Sigrid woke up with the flu or bubonic plague or something, so we had to beg off.  This created a problem.

My 2012 New Year's golfing resolution was to play more rounds of golf  than the POTUS. As of this morning I was locked in an 18 round tie with President Obama, leaving me one short of accomplishing my goal.   Roy agreed at the last minute to meet me at Sharp Park for a twilight round to play out the old year.

No time to Live Blog. Even with a lot  of creative course management randomly switching holes to avoid the slow groups in front of us, we almost did not get all 18 in and finished the last hole in complete darkness.

I did not play well, but at least I kicked Erickson's and Obama's ass.

MW - 105
RE - 109

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ADDENDUM - The Final MW vs. BHO 2012 Golf Rounds Final Tally

Sunday, December 30, 2012

19th Hole

BP 90
MW 110
MS 111

The wheels came off at the end, but at least I kicked Strickland's ass.

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I drove the greenside trap on 17

It was harder to get out than it should have been. A lot harder.

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17th - The beer hole

 Bob does not want his beer.

  The Mikes are playing for it on 17. 

The pressure is intense.

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OM out of trap on 14...

... barely.

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At the turn

BP 43
MW 52
MS 56

The other Mike wanted to beat Bob today. He'll be lucky to beat me.

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On 7

 Believe it or not this was a good drive.

3 putt for the bogey.

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Other Mike tees off on 4

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Live Blogging Lincoln

Yes, it is as cold and wet as it looks.We had a tee time at Sharp Park, but four holes were closed and some fairways looked like lakes. We moved the venue to Lincoln.

Bob gets us started with a mulligan into the trees on the left.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rainbow over Baghdad by the Bay

Like waves, the Pacific storms are rolling in sets of three this year.

Pineapple Express

In a short break after the middle wave over the weekend we had a nice double rainbow over the bay.

Click to biggify.

Not sure what to think about that "pot of gold" to be found down at Fisherman's Wharf.

I'd hate to see a tourist get it.