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Thursday, October 5, 2006

2006 Shag Update - Fall Color Edition 4 - We Catch and Eat More Fish

Contemporaneous e-mail backpost...

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Subject: 2006 Shag Update - Fall Color Edition 4 - We Catch and Eat More Fish
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 23:13:25 -0700
From: MW
To: Family

My wife tells me that she really is not all that into fish pictures. So we start this edition with some more fall color.

This is the "Jinx" oak tree in the front. When we arrived, the maple behind was in full bright yellow color and the oak was green. Now the maple has lost its leaves and the oak is red. Meditate on this for a while, because ...

We are back to the fish pictures - caught Wednesday...

No need for a fish stretcher this time.

Mr. Pike relaxes in a ice bath...

Not bad for a first effort.

After a PBR marinade, the pike fillets were oiled and seasoned, in preparation for ...

Fresh Michigan Cajun style blackened pike in the cast iron skillet.

And another dinner fit for a king.

For Sigrid - a non fish picture. Moon rising over Shag Lake and the remains of a bonfire.

That's it for this edition. Logistics changed for the return. Looks like we will need to spend another night here to finish cleaning and closing up. The plan now is to drive back early early Saturday AM. - mw