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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

10 years on - Friends and Family at the "New" Lake House

 Papa at 99 welcoming family to Big Shag Lake 

Apparently this Blog has regressed to the point where I am only chronicling trips to Michigan. I'll have to get back on the blogging horse eventually, but in the meantime - it's back at Shag Lake for the Fall Foliage Trip. 

This trip was notable as it represented the 10 year anniversary of the (mostly) completed renovation that changed our family Shag Lake "Camp" to "The Lake House."

10 years ago - Papa at 89 welcoming family to the new "Lake House" 

As noted in the spring entry, I'll diverge from the usual chronological narrative to summarize the trip with Five "Fs" - Food, Forestry (Foliage), Fishing, Friends and Family. Make that six - I'll add Fungus. Not necessarily in that order.  

In fact, we'll do the last first by chronicling the family visitors this trip. 

Harlan and Dad drove up on Monday September 27. I landed on Tuesday the 28th, overnighted at Wendy's place and drove up on Wednesday the 29th. Harlan and Dad already had 5 pike in the trap and a warm pastie from Crossroads was waiting for me. 

Katie and Joel kept Dad company on the 30th while Harlan and I caught the last day of the trout season at the Escanaba Lil' Camp. Next up, Roy and Roxie arrived late on Thursday the 30th and stayed until Monday October 4. Somewhere in there we celebrated a birthday. 


Wendy and Brian overlapped, starting Sunday October 3 and stayed through Tuesday the 6th. 

Mike and Kris arrived on Wednesday the 7th and stayed overnight, where we enjoyed another first - a Big Shag Lake Cioppino that Harlan whipped up with fresh caught pike and bluegills. Delish.

Finally, we wrapped with the visitors the way we began. Katie and Joel spent an afternoon with Dad while Harlan and I worked on closing camp, getting the pontoon boat out of the lake and prepared for winter. 

Harlan and Dad departed on Saturday, affording me two days of blissful solitude before driving back on Monday the 18th. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy every minute of all the company this trip. I did, but ... 

... Just sayin'