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Sunday, May 30, 1999

MW Shag Lake Journal Entry

For future reference - MW Shag Lake Journal entry from May 1999.

"I was fishing with Dad off of the point in the bay. Dad was fishing for bluegills, I was casting for Northerns. As we drifted, I noticed the top of the nylon rope, about 2 feet below the surface, descending into the depths. "Hmmm" I wondered "What could be at thend of that rope?" I reached into the water, grabbed the rope (soaked my shirt sleeve), and after some resistance, slowly began pulling the rope into the boat. Emerging from the depths, the seaweed and mud covered shape slowly came into focus. It was the cement brick anchor! The very same brick that harlan threw overboard years ago while neglecting to tie the rope to the boat. Overcome with emotion, we came back to shore to celebrate this extraordinary find. I believe this was my biggest catch ever at Shag. " - mw