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Wednesday, October 17, 1990

Guest Post: SN Letter
Five Forties family preferences

SN letter to Forestry Restoration District after hike with HW regarding the family forestry plan and preferences for the property.

"Last week one of the members of the family from Chicago and I went to the property and he was quite impressed. Of course he is not (as well as myself) too knowledgeable in forest management, but I tried to relate the general information from Doug as to a probable selective cutting within a few years. We will of course be relying on professional advice when the time comes, but we would like consideration of not harvesting the large white pine that would, maybe, be involved in the harvest. Can you enter this into the record so that any pre-cut cruise would involve our feeling."

Sunday, October 7, 1990

Guest Post: HW Journal
Five Forties Hike

HDW journal entry of a hike on the Five Forties with Sid. The hand drawn map identifies the located corner plates and white pine.