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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to the Washbag

Met friends at the Washbag for dinner. this was our first visit since the reopening of the new/old Washington Bar & Grill. Only in Ess Eff - A longtime institution closes it's doors, is replaced by a remodeled restaurant which subsequently fails, is restored to its previous decor and reopened to much fanfare two years later.

One complaint - no Boodles behind the bar - but this Hedrick's Martini was quite nice. Sigrid had a "Vitamin V" vodka martini in Herb Caen's honor. We both had the grilled flat iron steak, which was delicious. MW Approves.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

19th hole

DH 106
DG 107
RZ 114
MW 116

Don said I was pathetic. Rick agreed. Ican't argue. Dan stiffed me on a skin.

Almost at moment of impact

guest post by DG

Don almost gets out of the cabbage on 16

That is my drive in the far distance

Out of the trap

Mike just wailing on a drive

Not sure if it really went too far.

guest post by DG

By contrast, Rick puts it on the 15th green...

... and gets the par

Dan dribbles one down the 15th fairway

This is worthy of note

Rick buys me a beer.

Rick communing with the flowers

Very Zen

guest post by DG

Pretty Flowers

Right of 12th fairway. That's me in the middle of them. Sometimes it is more important to stop and smell the roses, than worry about your score.

At the turn...

Sort of.
DH 50
MW 52
DG 53
RZ 59

Don tries to better my approach on 9

Comes up just short

Measuring Dan's tee shot for closest to the pin.

He only missed it by 8 feet.

Rick is laughing at my follow through.

I don't see a problem with it. I mean, compare it to Tiger...

Very similar, except that his weight is on the front foot, while my weight is on the back foot. And he is perfectly balanced, while I am falling over. Other than that - virtually identical.

Dan's "dickout" drive on 6 landed here

Yes that is the women's tee box on the right and ahead.

Fortunately his back is to the camera.

Back to the course...

...or not. Rick coming in on a wing and a prayer.

Dan sporting an interview beard...

Tees off on 4

Don tees off on 3

A great drive, but about 20 yards short of mine.

Rick tees off on 2

I parred the first hole for a net eagle. I'm carrying these guys.

Live Blogging Coyote Creek

OGC Event with Rick, Dan, Don.

Getting Instructions from the starter.

Dan (aka The Bearded One) may be co-blogging from his phone..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why I walk in San Francisco...

...on the last Friday of the month. Critical Mass takes some random route through The City - much to the annoyance of commuters trying to get home. I walked down the hill to Nick's Soft Tacos and picked up an easy dinner to accompany watching the NCAA game. This was the scene at the corner of Broadway and Polk.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

19th hole

DH 101 49* 52
MW 102 53 49

No blood on skins.

* Don did not take the 2 stroke penalty for hitting the wrong ball. I let it slide.

Bringing it home on 18

Nice drive, even if do say so myself. The ball (you can see it in flight) almost made to the trap in the distance. Shanked the second shot, finished with a seven.

Don skulls it out of the trap on 16

Don's tee on 15

270 yard drive in the middle of the fairway. On his way to a snowman on the hole.

Self portrait

That's me reflected in the glasses

At the turn

DH 49
MW 53

In the background - Dons 2nd shot out of the trees on 10 and into another tree.. On his way to an 8. After 10 - 5 skins each.

My tee shot on 8

180 yards to 18 feet on the par 3

Don tees off on 5

2nd hole.

Don is standing next to his drive and pointing to mine - 20 yards further up the fairway.

Live blogging Harding

Playing with Don. Tune up for OGC at Coyote on Saturday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's day

Sigrid sent me out for some corned beef for dinner. Shanghai Kellys happened to be right along the way.

I sat at the bar next to a recent immigrant to The City, some guy from a faraway land called "Nueanglann" or something like that. He asked me why I was wearing orange when everyone else in the bar was wearing green. He then told me his tale of woe as a Boston Red Sox fan, complaining about how long he waited for the 2004 World Series. I explained to him that - counting 2004 and 2007 - the Red Sox have now won six World Series championships since the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series. Then I hit him, finished my Guinness, and left. It has been a good St Patty's day.