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Sunday, October 16, 1994

Guest Post: Sid and Anne on the five forties

"Picture location 'Y' - looking 'X'. all light green growth is aspen suckering from this summer. I was was wll pleased to see brush and tops down well close to the ground and already showing deterioration, and very pleased with new growth volume."
I don't have an exact date for these pictures, but we can peg the date pretty closely. They were circulated among the family along with pictures of Sid and Anne visiting lil' camp dated 10/04/94

It is clearly fall with color slightly past prime. Sid is discussing the growth since the 93/94 clear cut harvest of the poplar on the south forty, and is anticipating a selective cut already marked but not yet out for bid - it is a safe bet that they were taken mid-October 1994. 

 Hand written comments found on the back of the pictures are transcribed below each pic.

"This is an example of the growth this summer of the aspen regeneration. as you can see, this area has growth well above Anne's head - No I didn't spend all day digging a hole for her. Like she says "I'm short." - Serious! Anne standing actual height."

"Start at one of the trips to 5-40's. Don't have to shuttle boots back and forth around beaver dam with this toy."
"Picture taken from (X) Anne location (Y)"
Hand drawn map shows trail followed, area clear cut, and area marked for selective cut.

"Caution - This is typical aspen clear cut - Canopy must be removed for new growth suckers."

Sid was clearly concerned about how these pictures might look to his tree-hugging city-slicker siblings nephews and nieces.

"Location - Picture taken from X looking Y"


"Just another view"


"Typical yellow birch orange mark on tree is showing to be cut this harvest. There is a similar paint mark lower on tree. This show at harvest on the log and after on the stump that it was to be cut. All trees to be harvested are marked as such. Looks like a very conservative selective cut will be planned."
Perhaps it was a bit too conservative. There were to be no bids for the selective cut as marked.

Tuesday, October 4, 1994

Guest Post - Sid and Anne at Lil' Camp

"We have developed - or hoping to develop - an area about 6 ft wide and maybe a couple hundred ft log next to the teh aspen stand along S. border which is State Land. Anne dragged this harrow 'til mineral soil was well exposed. Then we planted red, white, clover with rye - will be planting red pine plantation on this site in the spring."

Before the internet, before e-mail, before digital cameras, the family kept each other apprised of each other's doing by circulating letters and pictures via the mail. Whoever was last to receive the letters and pictures presumably kept them. Not sure where these pics are now. I believe they were Polaroid Instant Snapshots with writing on the back, that someone scanned in. 

They were shot in October of 1994, Sid and Anne were clearly planning on making improvements out at lil' Camp on the Escanaba River. With these pics they are reporting on their progress here (as well progress on the aspen clear cut at the Five Forties). Looks like this may be among the first expeditions with their new Kawasaki ATV on the property. 

"Beaver Tree. This is close to Camp, high above the river. The smaller tree behind and and to the left is nicknamed the Booby Tree. The large aspen s chewed almost 1/2 through and will drop down the hillside toward the river." 

The aforementioned "Booby Tree"

"Gnarly & Snarly 10-4-94"
"Have been making perimeter Trails at Little Camp property. This is a large white pine along the River's edge - one of several. Didn't get all the tree in the picture - poor photographer. The trail follows along the river n North Side of Property. Anne has named the trail Old Gnarly because of this tree." 

Of particular note here - Sid has begun work building what he would eventually rename "The Emily Trail" that circumnavigated the property from the comfort of an ATV.