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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Friends and Family - Shag Lake Spring 2021 Edition


As noted in the inaugural post for this trip, we are foregoing purely chronologically posts in favor of group categories. With our departure from Shag Lake imminent, a good time to reprise the family and friends during our first post-pandemic, mostly mask-free, trip to Camp.

We started the trip with Dad, Harlan, Me and Clover.
Next up, Kristy, Zach, Easton, Sydney, Brooklyn, Wendy, Maverick and Stella.

An anniversary to celebrate / Brooklyn and Dad have a conversation

Sydney and Easton
Emily, Kowayne, Olive, Maya, Mike and Kris all visited. Somehow we managed to not get any pictures of Olive, Maya, Mike and Kris. Out of practice I guess. However Emily and Kowayne joined Harlan and me for the rare triple crown of Yooper family property visits:
... River ... 

Dad and I stop by to visit the neighbors at the end of the bay (having a garage sale)

We had several visit with (now fully certified) Yoopers Katie, Joel, and Terminator Pupito

We drove back in time to enjoy dinner at Roy and Roxie's new place.
A fitting finish to a rich family visit, partially making up for lost pandemic time. 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

The time has come, the blogger said, to scribble in the blog, of trees, and stones, and sealant stuff, of chimneys and logs.

Some posts are about fishing, some about food, some about fun and family. And some posts are just for a reference to put down a marker about work that was done and will need to be done again. This is that post. Feel free to skip. 

Dead trees on the hit list

We had a few dead or dying trees around camp leaning in directions that were concerning. While we are always willing and able to take down a tree with precision lumberage as needed, if it's leaning toward structures or wires, we'll leave it to professionals. 


In this case, we used Hoovers Tree Service. Jeff talked to them after they did some work for our neighbors earlier this season. We finalized arrangements during this trip. Ray Hoover brought in a bucket truck and a small crew to do the job, including son Ryan, Joel, and Bobby. They made short work of the trees we needed cut and trimmed. 

Monitoring the job from ShedCam

Dad holds court with the Hoover team.

"Bucket Truck" or "Cherry Picker"? You decide. 

Downed trees conveniently cut into stove sized pieces ready to be split.

When we have a cherry picker on the property, it's an opportunity to seal the stonework masonry on the chimney (and along the foundation). This is something that should be done every few years. 

We're behind schedule since the last time we had access to a bucket truck.  Ray charged us an extra hour to use the equipment and, after some some basic training, Ryan set me up in the bucket. Well worth the investment.

Jeff and Robyn supervised the operation from ShedCam

We're good for a few more years.

When done, I took the bucket up for a view.

Dad and Ryan look on with some consternation.

Until Jeff became an expert drone pilot, this was the best aerial view of the lake.

Job done, started the splitting, but I left some for subsequent visitors. You're welcome. 

Food, Food and More Food - Shag Lake Spring 2021 Edition

As noted in the inaugural post for this trip, we are foregoing purely chronologically posts in favor of group categories. We like to eat at Big Shag Lake. Herein a compilation of gustatory delights during the Spring trip. 



Bagels and lox, pastys, farm fresh eggs with braunschweiger
Harlan's Beef Bourguignon:

... or is it Beef Stew - because potatoes?

Planted Rainbow Trout from Boney Falls Dam:


Thank You Harlan.


We're always looking for new ways to prepare Northern Pike

Broiled Pike served "Unagi" style as Musubi, Sushi Roll, and Donburi Bowl

Grilled Chicken:

Family Feast during Emling visit:

Wendy's "Cowboy Caviar"

Grilled burgers, chicken, and eggplant

Native Brook Trout from the Escanaba:

Sautéed Bass & Pike from Big Shag Lake:


"Tasty Pike" recipe served with wild rice pilaf on the side.

More (but not everything)... 

We didn't always cook. Picked up a pie from the new pizza joint in Gwinn. MW Recommended.

Picnic fare at lil' Camp - good Marquette bread, cold cuts and beer.

A special treat - venison sausage from Kowayne's hunt last fall

Back to basics - grilled steak & veggies, baked potato, corn on the cob 

After reviewing this post, I now think the mystery of the 5 pounds I gained during the 3 week trip has been solved.