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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Funding of City Courses...

... is a hot topic. Pat Murphy wrote an interesting post in the San Francisco Sentinel on city golf course funding, and a recent article in the Chron explored the same topic.

Not a bad round...

... for bad golfers:
MW - 95
DH - 91

Settling up...

Lost four skins on last hole.

Don in tree trouble at 18 ...

...again. But he still beat me by a stroke on the hole.

Martin hits one into the Pacific...

... While we were waiting on 17.

I did not tell them about the $300 fine for this activity.

Richard tees into the Pacific on 17

Don sinks the putt on 16

For his triple bogey

Sunday stackup on 16

Two groups waiting on 16.

Martin tees off on 15

Don leaves bogey putt 3 feet short

Then misses it.

More tree trouble on 13

After a crappy tee shot.

Don tees off on 12 ...

... into the tree on on the left.

Don is killing me on the skins

Live blogging Lincoln

Picking up the action on the 10th tee.
Richard and Martin are drinking your beer.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Bad golfer handicaps are good for something....

In this case they are good for 2nd place.

Bad Golf

Need this 20 footer for my bogey...

... Which I missed.

Heading home ...

On the tee box on 18

I got trouble on 17

Rick hits into the crap on 16

Roys approach on par 5 14

... On the way to a bogey

Roy tees off on 190 yd par 3

Don's chip on 11

Enjoying a monte cristo...

... After my par on 10.

Not pretty

At the turn

Mike tees off on 8

The signature hole at Eagle Ridge.

That 9 hurt

Rick 'DO' V2 on 5

Rick 'dick out' shot on four

Waiting on the 4th tee

After a brilliant 230 yd drive...

Roy knocks it to 8 feet ....and three putts.

Roy on 3rd tee with imaginary ball

Don tees off on 2

Don's approach to 30 feet on one

Then the lucky bastard sinks it for a bird!

First tee

Driving range

Checking grips

Driving to Gilroy

Roys turn to drive

Don was late to breakfast

Very rude.

Live blogging Oracle Golf Club Tournament at Eagle Ridge

Breakfast at Ricks - fresh eggs courtesy of Goldie the Chicken in his backyard coop.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Live-blogging Lincoln

Final Scores
MW - 96
DH - 103
RZ- 108
AZ - 116
Don pressed and won on 18, so no blood on skins.
Rick owes me one skin and skipped out without paying.

Live blog out.

Limping home on 18

Rick missing triple bogey putt on 17

Ricks 3rd shot on 17

He is still 140 yards away on the par 3 17th. Time for a beer.

Rick whiffs on 17

The boys on 17

Adam Hits nice drive on 16

... and no, he is not using a sickle for a driver.

Don misses bogey putt on 15

Mike misses birdie putt on 13

As well as missing the par putt.