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Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas in Sonoma (with a side trip to Ethiopia)

 I've noticed that an increasing number of my blog posts seem to start with a loving photograph of a martini. I can't explain this phenomena. No matter. We celebrated Christmas Eve and the oft overlooked 9th Night of Hanukkah with the traditional dinner of vodka martini, abalone picatta, and parmesan polenta.

Christmas day we drove to Sonoma for an enjoyable visit as guests of Oliver, Lord of the Manor and his vassals Lee and Joanne.

Lord Oliver
First order of business was a Christmas Day and 10th Night of Hanukkah Feast with fellow guests Joan and Rod. 

Sigrid's contribution was a wild rice and mushroom soup. Lee and Joanne prepared an extraordinary Beef Wellington, twice baked potatoes, and a selection of pies for dessert. The dinner and company was as enjoyable as the exquisite setting.

Pecan Pie

Sigrid insisted on humiliating the pack by making them wear reindeer ears.

I am not sure they will ever forgive her. Nor should they.

For Boxing Day, we decided to go to the movies. I wanted us to do our patriotic duty and see The Interview but I was outvoted and we saw Unbroken.  Ignore LaSalle's snarky review in the Chron. It was excellent and inspiring. Nevertheless I've reported the rest of the crew for their questionable patriotism and look forward to their appearance before the House Committee on Un-American Activities to explain their failure to screen The Interview

Last stop was Sonoma Square and the Lisa Kristine Gallery.

We've been intrigued with and admire her work, in no small part because of the overlap between her photographic subjects and some of our own travels. I was struck in particular with her photograph of a Hamer woman in Ethiopia.

I found the photo reminiscent of some of Sigrid's portraits from our 2012 trip to the same region:

It was kind of an Ethiopian themed Christmas, as "Santa" Laurie delivered more Ethiopian coffee and I finally got around to compiling a photobook of Sigrid's portraits from the trip.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Landsmen Dinner at the Golden Gate Yacht Club

Strictly stag and black tie, the Landsmen Dinner is an old school tradition in San Francisco. I joined friends Doug and Lee for their winter event held at the newly renovated Golden Gate Yacht Club. Some pics from the evening festivities:

Food was good and the jokes were politically incorrect.  We finished the rainy night by continuing the same throwback traditional San Francisco theme and an Irish Coffee nightcap at the  Buena Vista Cafe.