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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Last Post

Boodles martini with three olives and Ahi Crudi at the Market Bar in the Ferry Building.

I guess I missed the bus.

Back at Justiin Herman Plaza. I like this sign though.

Is there a copy editor in the house?

I found a member of my tribe.

No crowds but many cops.

I think I'll follow these guys.

I hate crowds

3rd and Townsend. Some motorcycle cops just peeled off at high speed. I expect they are going wherever the torch is, which is not here.

Still ahead of the torch

I finally found the Torch!

thank god. Now I can get a drink.

Let's play two today

At the Park. I suspect the torch went by sea. Too many protestors, not enough cops for Embarcadero to be the route.

I Can't Afford an Actual Sign

- SFL post

No way they are going to bring it this way.

They'll do an end around.

I'd rather be this guy right now.

Photo Op

Fist-fight between pro-Tibet and pro-China

This was a lot of fun. A fistfight and screaming in Chinese - the only word I understood was "Tibet". The cops couldn't get to the fight because the reporters were in the way. Luckily I'm tall - Gabrielle Reese tall - so I had no problem taking this picture over peoples' heads. - SFL post

Pokey Bus

I wish I knew how to rotate the photo. And how to stop this random underlining. - SFL post

No idea

Media Scrum

- SFL post

Heading south on Embarcadero

Sculpture left over from Burning Man.

No naked PETA chicks

- SFL post

Such lovely weather

Did someone alert the media?

Note disinterestesd local. I feel like I need a nap.

Media platform

Justin Herman Square

Clueless tourist asking SFPD for directions

SF knows how to handle these things

Protesters Waiting for the Green Light to Cross the Street

Approaching Embarcadero

I kind of feel like a nap.

Red Cross of the Bay Area always ready

Chinese Retirees Here to Protest

- SFL post

It does not start until one

That looks good.

But I don't have time.


No I have a job to do.

City Lights Window Shopping

Center of the Leftist Literary Universe

My xon you will dire

And so it begins ... Walking to the route.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What to expect tomorrow...

as reported in Xinhua:
San Francisco embraces Olympic flame with pride
SAN FRANCISCO, April 8 (Xinhua) -- As the Olympic torch has traveled to San Francisco, the city is extending its arms to embrace the flame with pride, emotions and courage. With the world looking on to the sixth leg of the torch relay around the world, the flame, a symbol of Olympic unity, received VIP treatment as it arrived in San Francisco early Tuesday morning.

"We treated it like a head of state visit," airport spokesman Mike McCaron said.

Despite heightened security in the face of any possible disruptions by Tibetan separatists and anti-China groups, the city puts on an atmosphere of peace and harmony, particularly along the relay route decorated with Olympic flags...

"The Olympic torch represents the journey for excellence, and we are honored to have the opportunity to host and contribute to the Beijing Olympic Journey of Harmony," said the mayor.

Boasting landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Fishermen's Wharf, the Transamerican Building and the famous Victorian houses, San Francisco is widely seen as an ideal backdrop for the torch run."

SanFranLefty - I doubt that we will see any, but keep a sharp eye out for any of those unharmonious "Tibetan separatists and anti-China groups".

The Plan - Live Blogging the Olympic Torch Circus

The Olympic Torch has landed, and the kind of circus that only San Francisco can stage will soon begin. The plan is to live blog a portion of the torch route tomorrow. I'll catch the start at McCovey Cove, follow it to the Ferry buiding, and wait for it to come back (San Francisco residents are not permitted into the Fishermans Wharf portion of the Torch route - that area of The City is reserved for the exclusive use of tourists). However, we are informed that the route may change real-time, so I may just drink all afternoon waiting for it to show up.

UPDATE: 12-Feb-09

This series was originally posted on String Bikini Theory blog, as a joint project with some other bloggers/commenters from the Cynic's Party. As SBT has been somewhat neglected essentially abandoned, I decided to used the blogger import/export facility to move the series here. Most of this series was posted by me, some by SanFranLefty - SFL attribution was stripped by the import export process and I will try to restore via edits or tags or maybe not do anaything.

Nice Flags

Movie test

Pre-game Warmup

Food Porn

Chicago style hot dog (or as close as you can get west of the Mississippi). From Moishe's Pippic on Hayes. Test post 2.