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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bringing it home on 18

Battery died - so no traditional19th hole pic.

BP - 93 8 skins

MW - 108 5 skins

RE - 111 5 skins

SE - DQ for unauthorized beer consumption. Not sure what his score was before the DQ, 114 or 123 or 145 or something. No one could keep count.

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17th tee

Battery low

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My tee shot on 16

Plugged. Fortunately we're playing lift clean and place.

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Roy's 2nd shot on par 3 16

He didn't get to the green with this shot either.

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Beer hole

My partner for the extra beer competition in the 13th fairway. Bob hits his approach shot on the green for a par. I bogey. Our 11 kicks Team Ericksons ass, even giving them strokes.

Erickson the Younger steals one of our beers and drinks it anyway.

He was not raised very well. I blame the parents.

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At the turn

BP 50
MW 53
RE 54
SE 60

Not at our best.

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Out of the trap on 8

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As clear as it gets

Skyline and Mt. Diablo from 7

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Erickson the Elder watches how it's done

Right down the middle.

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Golf gods did not smile on Bob's tee shot.

Into the trees on the right, but a ricochet back onto the course.

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Roy on 5

Pop up to the 3rd basemean

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Bob tees off on 4

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Steven on 3

Into the trees on the right.

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Live blogging Lincoln

Roy Bob Steven

Sunny and clear if a little muddy.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not live blogging Crystal Springs

Twilight golf starts at 12:00 at Crystal Springs now.

Thought I'd try concentrating on my golf, rather than live blogging for a change. But still had to take a few pics on the scenic course.

Roy's 2nd shot after a good tee shot on 17. Not as good as mine, which you can see in the far distance.

the new strategy didn't matter.

MW 108 8 skins
RE 114 10 skins

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I see more orange people.

I walked down to the Civic Center to join the SF Giants World Series Celebration...

As promised - a photo essay of a happy day in The City on the day after the mid-term election.

It was fun to see the crowd and experience the scene, but...

... it was a lot more comfortable watching it at Shanghai Kelly's with a perfect Guinness pour. I had to leave when the TV broadcasters started going on and on about the "long suffering Giants fans" deserving this title. Hey I am happy to celebrate with my adopted city on a great World Series Championship. But, as a Cub fan, nothing grates on my nerves quite like hearing anyone else moaning about a World Series drought.

Haley's comet has come and gone twice since the last time the Cubs won the World Series.

Nuff said.

More pics on parallel universe blogs here and here.

I see orange people.

Since, as a Cub fan, I'll never experience the joy of a city celebrating a World Series Championship for my team, I thought I'd check out The City celebration in the Civic Center. This was a bigger crowd than I'd ever seen there, including the Obama Inauguration, and 2003 Iraq war protest. The Ron Paul rally was strictly bush league by comparison.

The title of this post came from a tee shirt I saw at the rally, unfortunately I didn't get the camera out quick enough.

I'll update with more pics from the Olympus later.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dividist Votes

No surprises. A straight Dividist vote at the federal level for Fiorina and Dennis (After all, I have to practice what I preach).

I split the ticket down ballot, including a vote for Kamala. And yes - a vote against prohibition hypocrisy and for legalized, but controlled and taxed pot.

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