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Monday, August 18, 2008

Home again. Almost.

Morpheus spent the night at the St. Francis Yacht Club. We celebrated our arrival with the Humphrey's and closed down the SFYC bar. Not hard to do on a Sunday night. We finished the night with pizza and beer at our place. This morning I dropped Jim and Deb back at the club and here they prepare to take Morpheus home across the Bay for a well deserved spa treatment.

Reviewing the blog, I was distressed to learn that all the "sail-mail" posts I thought were cross-posting at Morpheus Sailing and here, were actually not posting here at all. Checking the Morpheus mail client, I learned that I had mis-typed this blog's e-mail address. Very distressing. Seriously aggravating. I am an idiot.

Well, at least they were all posted there. To try and make lemonade out of this, over the next few days I will cut and paste most backposts from Morpheus Sailing along with some illustrative photos and videos. This post will stay on top for a while while the voyage journal backfills. Stay tuned, we got some great pics.

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