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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mike caught a fish!!

This is the post as originally reported by JG:
Mike caught a fish!!

A small Dorado, but still a fish!

It was about 18 inches long.

He is happy.

My boat is covered in fish guts...

- Jim

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Now, there is an obvious problem here. To whit: The size of fish as reported by Jim. As clearly seen in the video compilation at the top of this post, and as well as photos that will be in later posts, this fish is clearly over 24". It is not a big fish, but certainly bigger than Jim's report.

Really Jim, this display of petulant envy just does not reflect well on you. I am very disappointed in your behavior.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow, I thought the story about the one that got away was the FISH story of this trip. congratulations. It is time to createfisherman of the year Morpheus troppy.. Since you are are 1st to catch one it is up to you to create it. I suggest in the likness of this 1st catch.
bravo mike. It must have been VERY Exciting.