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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Great Semi Circle

Today we move from the Beach House to Morpheus. Tomorrow we begin our journey back to San Francisco. This map chronicles my cruises with Morpheus over the years (so far). As you can see, when we will arrive back under The Gate, I will have completed The Great Semi-Circle on Morpheus.

The Tahiti Pacific Crossing was documented pre-blog on a web page here.

The Cabo - San Diego delivery was documented with the first posts from this blog.

The San Francisco - San Diego delivery... Well, I'll have to get around to it someday.

Our progress can be tracked at FIS Tracking. or possibly the link here. Click on "Pacific Cup Returns". Find Morpheus. That is all I can tell you, I am really not sure not sure exactly how it works. You will have to figure it out yourself.

We can theoretically be reached by sail mail. Short text messages can be sent to and received from Morpheus at wda7721 AT sailmail DOT com.

Blogs will theoretically be updated via TREO cell phone while in range, and via sail mail both here and at Captain Jim's Blog.

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