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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2015 Miles to Go!

First Sail Mail post to blog. - JG entry:
7:30am PDT
19 knots of wind

TWA 60 degrees

First 12 hours of the trip are in the books. All have gone through their first watches and all goes well. No sign of any seasickness, although I may have sensed a bit of something in Mike's case. If he's feeling "off" he's doing a good job of dealing with it.

Had a good afternoon of kiteboarding on the sandbar. Had been shut out my previous two trips and was bound and determined to make it this trip. Good thing the winds just barely cooperated today, or we'd be there until they did!!

We've left aprox. 24 hours behind the bulk of the group heading home. Will be fun to see how many we can catch over the next two weeks.

Right now its reefed main and no jib so only about 7 knots. Just keeping it comfortable and letting everyone get their sea legs.

Hope our transponder is working. Is it giving you 4 hour updates or 6??


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MW NOTE: This is the first of the Sail Mail back posts that were supposed to be cross-posted simultaneously with the Morpheus Sailing blog, but I screwed up on the blog e-mail address. I'll make up for it by adding photos as I back fill.

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