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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MW Ships Log May 8 - Land Ho!

Dateline: 4:00 P.M. Wednesday May 8

Starboard tack
33 nautical miles to Horta. 105 nm traversed on Day 13. Sailing all day.

Preparation is underway. Captain has ordered an early dinner to bolster flagging morale.

Port tack
Quote of the Day:
"The only thing that keeps me going in these winds is the hope I will have a hangover tomorrow." - Captain Jim

Exactly two weeks to the hour since we set sail from St. Martin and Iha Do Pico is in sight. The Captain spotted land during our 348th tack of the day. It's been a rough ride, as the Atlantic wanted to be sure we knew what she was really like. Lots of wind shifts, big swells, lots of bouncing around.

Starboard tack
Not sure what the plan is as we are still a few hours out. It is not clear we want to make an night approach into the harbor, despite the fact that arrival in the dead of night is the traditional Morpheus way. I am feeling pretty good about things myself as I go on watch now.

The Captain requested this quick blog update for The Reader.  I will poll the crew for their thoughts:

Port tack
BB: "Archimedes Arrow: half the distance, then half the distance again, you reach the limit but you are not quite there."

KC: "I could make it the extra distance to main land....but since we're in the neighborhood....we may as well stop in the Azores...besides, I hear there's some really good wine there..."

Capt. Jim:  "So close, and yet so far..."

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