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Sunday, May 19, 2013

MW Ship's Log May 18 - Home Stretch

Dateline: 10:00 A.M. Sunday May 19

200.19 nm traversed on Day 3 of the Sao Miguel to Cascais passage. 235 nm to our destination. All sailing all the time. Jib deployed and double reefed.

It's the home stretch and it feels like it. Morpheus is like a thoroughbred champion that smells the finish line, lengthens her stride and accelerates down the final stretch. Despite being reigned in by her jockey with a double reef she posted our second 200 nm lap of the passage.

We've been measuring progress in 24 hour increments since our 10:00 AM departure from Sao Miguel. This benchmark now occurs during my watch. Today, in the last minutes before the 10:00 marker Morpheus maintained a consistent 10 knots of boat speed and hit 11 knots twice. First time I've seen an 11 on my watch. It was like she wanted to be absolutely sure we got over that 200 nm milestone.

It's been blue skies, blue water and puffy white clouds as we make a beeline for Cascais. Throughout the day we've had dolphin escorts show up, check us out and then mostly disappear as the cameras hit the deck.

Hopefully, we've got a couple of good shots.

Weather is cool, but not particularly uncomfortable. The occasional rogue wave keeps any cockpit spectators in foul weather gear, but the ride is worth it. A comfortable wind angle and Morpheus making great strides.

The evening watch brought another milestone - we passed the halfway point from the Azores to Portugal. The celebration was a bit more subdued than the halfway celebration on the first leg of the passage.

Some modifiers were added to my mug label. I am sure I don't know why.
 The inflatable pirate hat was recycled and the Captain poured out a parsimonious rum allotment. We're out of ginger beer, so rum punch was the drink of the day. The traditional first toast to Otto the autopilot was tinged with a note of sadness. The realization is sinking in that this extraordinary journey is coming to an end.

Bob gives Otto a break.
Early in the passage I watched the moon rise off the bow during my late night watch.

Last night I watched the moon set directly aft.

Kim's ginger garlic chicken curry tomato and spinach goulash. You name it. It's in there. Excellent.

Quote of the Day:
"Woo Hoo" - The 5-6-7-8 Band from the Kill Bill V1 soundtrack. Played during the half way celebration.

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