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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MW Log - May 12 & 13 - Happy Birthday Mrs. Branstad wherever you are.

A belated 100th birthday wish for Bob's mom from the crew of the Morpheus. It's a big day and Bob flew back to California for the family celebration. The plan is for the three of us (me, Jim, Kim) to sail Morpheus to Sao Miguel Island where we will meet Bob on Wednesday the 15th.

The marina is getting crowded as more boats arrive (including three J-Boats), and few boats are leaving.

We are in good company here in Horta with the J Class Yachts Velsheda and Rainbow on the docks
Many boats seem to be targeting departure on favorable conditions forecast Tuesday - as are we.

One consequence is that we now have another boat double parked on our mooring and walking across our deck to get to the dock. This helps Jim keep his edge.

Not a lot doing over these two days besides getting Morpheus ready for the next leg on the passage - fuel, propane, food & clean-up are tops on the list.

She doesn't really need much, so plenty of time to explore the harbor community.

We've taken a few walks around town and our excursions have are falling into a familiar pattern.

 Start at the Marina cafe for a beer or coffee.

Then up the hill to Pete's Cafe Sport for a gin and tonic.

 We stop at one of the cafe's on the way back for a snack and another beer.

Then finish at Cafe International before returning to the boat.

On Monday's afternoon excursion our favorite taxicab driver hailed us and waved as we walked to a pizza place for lunch.

While eating, our favorite bartender from Cafe International walked in, recognized us and chatted at our table for a while about the NBA (he was trying to get the Bulls game for me on the cafe' TV Friday night).

Quote of the Day:
"When you start recognizing everyone in town - it's time to leave." - Jim
"Or even worse - when all the locals recognize you." - Mike

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