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Friday, May 10, 2013

MW Log May 10 - Morpheus in Horta - Porthole With a View

Pico Island
Horta Harbor
 Our first full day in in Horta included relaxing, updating blog posts with pictures, relaxing,  light maintenance, relaxing, naps, exploring the neighborhood, relaxing, eating, drinking, relaxing and...

Stepping ashore

Fixing the heater (sort of)
... provisioning for our stay in Horta:

That is a five liter box of red wine.
It cost nine euros.
You do the math. 

The day also included a grilled steak for dinner at the XF Bar that almost did not happen.

Kim found the restaurant favorably reviewed on Trip Adviser. It was a bit of a hike up the hill. When we got there we found the door locked, even though we could see shadows moving in the upstairs dining room. We could not understand why the restaurant would be closed on a Friday night.  After pacing back and forth for a while and discussing the situation, we decided to start back down the hill. Just before leaving I rapped loudly on the locked door.  After a few beats the door mysteriously unlatched. We marched in to find no one in the entryway, so went up the stairs. At the top the Maitre'd took one look, sized us up and said in English "You have to ring the bell."

My steak was presented as raw cut of filet sizzling on very hot slab of  volcanic rock.  Eating entailed cutting slices of meat and letting them grill on the the stone until you could not stop yourself from popping it into your mouth. It was as good a cut of beef as I have ever tasted, including Kobe beef in Japan. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it.

Complementary blackberry liquor in a chocolate cups

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