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Friday, May 3, 2013

MW Ship's Log May 2 - Much To Do About Nothing

Another day, another 171 nautical miles closer to the Azores. Today was a mix of motoring and sailing in a mix of light winds, light rain, clouds and sun.

Another Morpheus delivery crew member on another delivery in another ocean once infamously posted this blog journal entry:
"Just wanted to report nothing happened today.  A B S O L U T E L Y nothing." - Scott
 Today was a day like that. Except...

This is what happens on board Morpheus on a "nothing" delivery day in the middle of an oceanic passage.

All of the following occurred on board Morpheus except ONE thing in this list. See if you can identify which of the following did NOT occur on Morpheus on May 2:

Reading; writing; 'rithmetic; eating; drinking; cooking; cleaning; sail repair; boat repair; watching a 2013 Oscar winning movie; gambling; needlepoint; watching an Emmy award winning TV series; sailing; tacking; reefing; unreefing, motoring; decrapifying an iTunes library; political rants; literary, movie & music criticism; fishing.

NOTE: These posts are presumably cross posted on both MW Mobile and Morpheus Sailing blogs. So, for any wishing to guesss, know that on board we can only see replies to the Morpheus Sailing blog which are automatically forwarded to sailmail.

UPDATE 5/25 - ANSWER: The only thing in that list that we did not do on this day is tack. Started on a starboard tack, still on a starboard tack.
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