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Friday, October 30, 2009

This is the end...

... of the abalone season.

One month left.
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Subject: Re: This is the end...
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 18:30:36 -0700
From: MW
To: Zach

Thanks Zach
I'm planning on coming back tomorrow night, but - depending on how I feel - might crash at your place and blow out early Sunday (avoiding the incoming Halloween traffic). I'm figuring this to be the dive when I finally get my trophy 10 inch abalone. Maybe three.

I'm sure we'll have some more shots in November. I'll keep Doug on watch, and tell him I need reports of good conditions even if he can't dive. You need to get your priorities right. BTW - Nice gavel work at the exchange.

Got a new phone (Palm Pre) but had to switch to Sprint Network. Not sure how it'll work up there, but will text on arrival.. - mw

Zach wrote:

No problem Mike. I can't make it...just got off two weeks on the road and getting ready to go on the road for another two weeks...everything should be where you left it! please let me know when you get there and start drinking my beer :)

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Rick wrote:


Thanks for the invitation. I tried to rearrange my commitments for tomorrow, but was unsuccessful. Happy hunting and let me know if we are lucky enough to have another opportunity this year.


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MW wrote:
Zach, Rick,

This is the end of the abalone season - in case you had not noticed. One month left.

Let's review the season, shall we? I have made three carefully planned attempts this year, all of which have met with less than ideal conditions and several washouts. Nevertheless, I have managed to get four abalone marked on my card this year (which I believe - puts me four ahead of your combined total).

For the last month of the season, I have a new idea. The"No Plan" plan. Instead of scheduling a dive in advanced based on tide tables, I've asked my reliable local source to inform me of ideal conditions, with the intent of dropping everything and heading up on a days notice. No sooner did I set this up, when I got my first notification. Ideal conditions are forecast for tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday AM. What say you boys? I am up for a Friday drive (early or late) to target either late Friday or Saturday AM dive - or - a crack of dawn drive on Saturday morning for a mid-morning Saturday dive? - mw
The End
lyrics by Jim Morrison & The Doors

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end

Point Arena, California
Thursday 10/29/09 7:39AM Sunrise
Thursday 10/29/09 8:53AM 5 feet High Tide
Thursday 10/29/09 3:11PM 1.45 feet Low Tide
Thursday 10/29/09 3:59PM Moonrise
Thursday 10/29/09 6:17PM Sunset
Thursday 10/29/09 9:07PM 4.29 feet High Tide
Friday 10/30/09 2:54AM 1.36 feet Low Tide
Friday 10/30/09 4:28AM Moonset
Friday 10/30/09 7:40AM Sunrise
Friday 10/30/09 9:18AM 5.36 feet High Tide
Friday 10/30/09 3:50PM 0.9 feet Low Tide
Friday 10/30/09 4:23PM Moonrise
Friday 10/30/09 6:16PM Sunset
Friday 10/30/09 9:59PM 4.43 feet High Tide
Saturday 10/31/09 3:29AM 1.66 feet Low Tide
Saturday 10/31/09 5:30AM Moonset
Saturday 10/31/09 7:41AM Sunrise
Saturday 10/31/09 9:44AM 5.72 feet High Tide
Saturday 10/31/09 4:28PM 0.36 feet Low Tide
Saturday 10/31/09 4:49PM Moonrise
Saturday 10/31/09 6:15PM Sunset
Saturday 10/31/09 11:48PM 4.54 feet High Tide
Sunday 11/01/09 3:03AM 1.94 feet Low Tide
Sunday 11/01/09 5:36AM Moonset
Sunday 11/01/09 6:42AM Sunrise
Sunday 11/01/09 9:12AM 6.05 feet High Tide
Sunday 11/01/09 4:06PM -0.14 feet Low Tide
Sunday 11/01/09 4:19PM Moonrise
Sunday 11/01/09 5:13PM Sunset
Sunday 11/01/09 10:36PM 4.61 feet High Tide

Doug wrote:

Hey Kids,
Tomorrow and Saturday will be very good dive days... Keep in touch, and enjoy!

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