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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Another cold,clear, still evening. Beautiful light on the lake as the sun went down.

We fished until dark and I finally caught something we could eat. I'd been catching undersized pike on the Mepps #3, and was hoping to attract a keeper. Instead this 15+ inch bass found the lure. He went from swimming to dinner plate in under two hours. Served with rice pilaf, corn on the cob, and a Stevens Point Cascade IPA.


Jeff Carlson said...

Bravo! Also I'm loving the great scenic pics.

Robyn said...

where did you catch that fine looking keeper. I cant tell by the photo.
uh oh. jeff is taunting mother nature with his shag lake snow photo.
I fear you will be recieving snow showers within 24-48 hours.
do you have a snow shovel?

mw said...

Stop that! We've got blue skies and sunshine right now. I am going to put on some sunscreen, lay out on the dock, and work on my tan. Maybe go for a swim later. I don't want to be hearing anything more about the "s" word.

Where do you think we caught it? At Carlson's Point of course.

Sean Rea said...

Amazing... and to think I left camp thinking that there were no fish left in the U.P.