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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The beer is bottled.
UPDATE - Bottle #26 status

Twenty-four 20 oz bottles and three 24 oz bottles of Escanaba Pail Ale were produced. A 50-50 Wallach-Rea allocation has been agreed.

We are playing a game of Scrabble Scrabb* for the odd bottle - Number 26 (each bottle is individually numbered from 0-26).

I have never lost a game of Scrabble until recently, with the single exception of a game a few years ago when I was wrongly challenged on the word "unquit".

>-- Sent from my Palm Prē

*Scrabb is a game that is played on the same board as Scrabble, follows all the rules of Scrabble, but is played with only 94 letter tiles, as opposed to the conventional 100 tiles found in the game of Scrabble.

My assessment was incorrect.Despite the superficial similarities, my skills at Scrabble did not translate to the game of Scrabb. Katie kicked my ass for the second time this trip. She is clearly the Queen of the Game of Scrabb and won the extra bottle fair and square.

My apologies to everyone on the W side whose allocation was negatively impacted by this failure on my part. No matter that the bottle in question (#26), was the last one bottled, required tipping the fermenter at an extreme angle, and had a significant amount of yeast crud, organic debris, and microscopic insect parts from the bottom of the fermenter swept into the bottle. Still I should have secured the bottle for our family. My humiliation and shame for this failure knows no bounds. This is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life, but will not speak of this matter again. I am sorry.

The final board and my very last view of bottle #26


Harlan Wallach said...

so - where is #26 going ?

Sean Rea said...

It'll be going to San Francisco. I am not at liberty to say more.

Robyn said...

twenty four + three = 27 bottles

what happened to #27?

SSSC Accountant, Treasurer, secretary

mw said...

We started the count at 0 (Bottle Zero)

Harlan Wallach said...

She Beat you TWICE ? how lame.

u r failblog