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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Bottling Day!

Kettu hops inspection

Today the Escanaba Pail Ale™ will be bottled. Live ShagCam coverage will be initiated shortly. Since Olive was involved in the Kettu hops quality control, she insisted on being present for the bottling. A definitive reference post is still in the offing, but for the occasion a sampling of key ingredients in the process:

HDW harvested wild Escanaba hops.

Pure Escanaba River Water

Hops - meet water. Water - meet hops.

Olive provided quality control review of the bottling process.

She also inspects the final product for color and weight.

Olive approves!

And makes a firm claim on her allotment.


Anonymous said...

cant wait for my bottles


Sean Rea said...

Plural? I think you overestimate your share.

Anonymous said...

Really? I do believe my contract stated that I would recieve between 2-4 FULL bottles of the beer I helped brew during my stay at camp during the fall closing trip of 2009.


Sean Rea said...

Hmm... contract? I asked around and no one recollects any contract being made with you. Sorry... maybe Cousin Mike will look sympathetically upon your plight. I wouldn't assume anything though... it might be in your interest to garner his favor somehow.

mw said...

While we valued your contribution, as well as the contribution of your fireboy Andrew (whose allocation comes out of your share), I think you have confused the basis of your allocation.

Here is the important point - All work allocations are based on percentages.

The notion of "2-4 FULL bottles" was based on your percentage if 200 bottles were produced. Alas, Sean only managed to bottle 27 with the supplies provided by Joel and... well... you do the math.

Anonymous said...

Well I know I'm getting bottles because brian was so kindly to volunteered his bottle to me. I know what a nice kid. That was part of our contract of me coming up.


mw said...

Well that's great Andrew, but now I'm confused. Because as I already explained on this post, you get one bottle and and Brian gets one bottle.

I guess you are saying that you don't need your bottle since Brian is giving you his... Am I getting that right?