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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ale Allocation Addendum

Some additional Escanaba Pail Ale allocation notes to supplement the Reference Post:

Sean's allocation to the four Rea boys (pictured above) were left at Camp, and are among the 11 bottles stored in the secret wine cellar. Sean also attached an interesting condition to this allocation. If any of these four bottles are not claimed at camp in person by their owner by the end of the 2011 Shag Camp season, ownership of these bottles reverts to a first come first served basis.

The key to the bottle numbering can be found on the allocation spreadsheet.

The Brian and Andrew allocations were handed off to Wendy before the Bear game.

Andrew subsequently received his allocation at an undisclosed location, but ...

...something happened to the bottle in the transition - looks like Brian replaced the hand drawn label with his much more professional looking custom design. Well done Brian.

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