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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Third shift of Shag Lake visitors depart.

Sean, Katie and bottle #26 are winging their back to warmer climes. Their flight was delayed taking off. Hope they make their connection through Detroit. If not, I understand Detroit is a wonderful place to visit this time of year. Particularly with the city in a state of clinical depression after a world class end-of-season choke by the Detroit Tigers causing them to miss the playoffs

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Unknown said...

In case you were wondering just what was up with that large cargo plane, like I was when I reviewed our photos:

mw said...

Good find, but I am surprised at your naivety. An unmarked Russian cargo plane sits for months in a remote northwoods airport, supposedly owned by Texans, and suddenly a flimsy cover story emerges why it is going to be flying again soon?


Obviously Obama has reinstituted the Bush/Cheney extraordinary rendition flights in order to rid himself of the Fox News Reporters on his enemies list.