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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A good day to dive

Doug said he wanted to dedicate this dive to Ms. Smith's Schneider Elementary School class in Farmer City, Illinois. They are learning about abalone and following his abalone diving exploits on video.

Conditions were calm and visibility good (~6ft) as Doug forecast.
Not perfect, but pretty darn close.

Gearing up on top of the bluff...

...and climbing down the hill.

It is about an hour past high tide and Doug looks for good entry points in the cove...

... however, he does not walk on water.

In the water...

...we quickly find abs.

We are experimenting with the underwater camera here - two shots of the same abalone hole - one with flash and one not. I think the one without the flash is better, as the flash just lights up the particles in the water. But I'll leave it up to Ms. Smith's class cohorts. I wonder - How many abalone can they count in these pictures? (the pictures can be expanded by clicking on them)

We soon limit out...

...and shoot some video clips of abalone diving in these conditions.

Doug on the beach with his catch.

The catch. Doug's are bigger than mine. As an ab diver, I suffer from premature extraction.


For the benefit of the Ms. Smith's elementary school class -The kids should know that in this picture I am holding a bottle of an anti-inflammatory and nerve soothing medicinal tonic prescribed by a medical practitioner to treat PDSS (Post Dive Stress Syndrome).


Harlan Wallach said...

no ab shashimi on the rocks ?

mw said...

Alas, no. Completely forgot the soy sauce and wasabi. I can only attribute this oversight to the early departure for the drive north. In my own defense - I did remember to bring the beer.

dufresne2 said...

on behalf of ms. smith's class we were wondering when the ten week intensive ab diving course for 2nd graders will be offered. is it true they can bunk at your house?
seriously, this is a real treat for the class and i'll change the copy on just a couple of words when i cut and paste it for the presenters.
thanks again.

mw said...

Our place is a little out of the way for an intensive course of this nature (San Francisco). However I am sure Doug and Peg will only be too happy to put up the entire class as well as parents, teachers, administrators and their pets. Their house is much more conveniently located close to the dive site.

dufresne2 said...

that's so generous of you!
i'm sure doug will be thrilled to know that you have offered his home as a youth hostel (not to be confused with hostile youth).
since you are in san francisco, i will be extending their class trip to include pier 39,lombard street and the cable cars. pets still okay?

dufresne2 said...

the other members of my second grade who are in charge of the abalone project will be presenting their power point on friday. zack and kaitlyn are the "horts" (a derivative of "cohorts") have been practicing at home and during their lunch hours to get ready.
ms. smith will be extending the time during the day when i usually write so that they can aanswer questions and give who knows, maybe next week you'll have more comments on your blog!

mw said...

Thanks for the update, and it would be fun to hear from the "horts".

As an aside, there is no need to double post your comments. To control spam comments I have implemented comment moderation on older posts, so comments will not appear until I approve them. Be patient, I get to them eventually.

dufresne2 said...

here are the questions the horts sent to doug.
Questions for Mr. Holloway,

1.How many abalone did you find that day?
2.How can you tell the difference between a young seal and an older one,other than size?
3.What color is the abalone?
4.Did the seal have black or gray spots?
5.Why do they have to waer special material for thier gloves?
6.Why did the floaty have a rope on it?
7.How many feet deep do you have to dive to get abalone?
8.How far in the ocean do you have to swim to get abalone?
9.What food that abalone eats turns the pearls blue?
10.Do you go all the way to the bottom of the ocean?
11.What all do seals eat?
Your friend,Madison

hopefully i won't post this twice!!