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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Cleanup Day. - Important notification to all E.P.A. allocatees

We are hoping to get everything in shape for an early egress tomorrow.

BTW - It is seriously cold today. Srsly. That is ice forming in the bay in the picture.

NOTICE: If I do not receive explicit instructions in the comments on the reference post TODAY from Esky owners on the disposition and labeling of their bottles, the their bottles will be stored in the secret Camp temperature-controlled wine cellar for the winter labeled only by number. That is all.

-- Sent from my Palm Prē


Robyn said...

Severe Weather Potentials for the Next 6 Hours
rapid freeze up (High)

Sean Rea said...

Have you made preparations to tough out the winter? It may become necessary.

mw said...

We have enuf wood and supplies for the winter. We were ready to hunker down for the duration. Then noticed that the scotch supply is depleted.

We are so out of here.

Roy said...

2 notes:

1. Who presides over the tasting log, and do the rest of us get shared on it?

2. Shouldn't Andrew's bottle be brought back to Chicago so he can take it with him before he joins the Army?

mw said...

1) Sean is the owner of the allocation/tasting spreadsheet document. I have edit authorization to it also. I think it is his intent to authorize tasting comments from everyone, but you he'll have to address how he wants it handled.

2) One would think, but Andrew seems not to understand the concept of answering the question I have been repeatedly asking here. I assume he wants me to bring it back. Brian and Wendy have also not responded so I will leave their's here.

Harlan Wallach said...

I need editing access to the tasting spreadsheet.

Robyn said...

were you able to turn off the gas ,outside the cabin?

Sean Rea said...


I will have a follow-up post shortly with more information, including access to the spreadsheet.