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Monday, April 5, 2010

Brian's Morpheus Blog
Sea-date 04/05/10
We Arrive in Bahia Tortugas &
Drink Escanaba Pail Ale Bottle #1

12:01 AM
[leg shake] - nothing. "Mike!" [leg shake] - nothing. "Mike!" [leg shake] - nothing. "Mike! Mike! Mike!" - nothing. "Mike!" [shoulder shake] - nothing. "Mike!" [shoulder shake] - nothing. "UNCLE MIKE!" [shoulder shake].


With that my relief finally woke up and rolled out of bed. He should have relieved me 15 minutes ago because he owed me some watch time, but who keeps track of little things like that. I explained what heading we needed to follow, when he should wake Jim up, and with that I went to bed.

6:00 AM
Time for my morning watch. Grabbed my book and couple granola bars and up to the cockpit I went. I really enjoy the 6AM watch because I get to see the sunrise every morning. Today it rose over the coastal mountains. It made for a great picture. But even the picture didn't quite do it justice. My watch was pretty uneventful and my relief was already awake and drinking his morning coffee.

I was tired and went back to sleep.

11ish AM

I was awakened because my help was needed on deck. We had arrived at Turtle bay Bay and Jim wanted to take down and cover the main sail. For an unexperienced crew we did a pretty good job.

We cruised around the bay to find the perfect spot to park and lowered the anchor. We were very very careful to avoid hitting the boat with the anchor or letting the chain rub against the boat. Jim was happy that we did that job well.

Enrique came out to get us gas. Jim's tank doesn't vent very well, so we had to get gas out of cans using a unique method. We put two tubes into the gas can opening, cover the hole with paper towels and then blow into the tube. This creates a vacuum which sucks the gas out of the can and into the tank. This process need to be repeated several times. Just an fyi... Diesel doesn't taste very good.

Mike and I jumped into the Bay. It was cold. Well... about the temperature of Lake Superior. It was a very short swim to say the least. The rest of the day was spent on the boat relaxing and drinking beer.

7:00 PM

Mike and Dan prepared a great dinner.

They made sashimi, ceviche, seared tuna, marinated beef brisket, served on a bed of brown and wild rice medley with jelly beans and Mrs. Fields cookies for desert. My favorite was the ceviche.

We toasted the meal with a bottle of EPA home brew and all wore festive sombreros during dinner. I volunteered to do the dishes due to the fact that I didn't cook anything.
We ended the day by watching The Hangover - a great way to celebrate the half-way point.

Did I mention Mike is the only one without cell coverage?


Sean Rea said...

Most anticipated Morpheus-related post to date. I did wonder with some disappointment why there was no EPA accompaniment to the onboard gourmet foods.

Glad to see that the EPA has now made its way to international waters.

mw said...

As you are currently the MW Mobile Blog's most prolific commenter, we aim to please.