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Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3 Morpheus Delivery Journal -
First full day at sea

By morning Brian is already off the Dramamine, and excited by seeing dolphins on his sunrise watch.

He works on developing his sea legs, and apparently also his appetite.

Breakfast is a choice of microwave burritos, microwave McRib sandwiches, or microwave french bread pizza.
Everyone is satisfied with their breakfast decisions. Brian has one of each.

Wind and seas ease, and we enjoy a beautiful sunny & comfortable day of cruising. The crew is adjusting to the rhythm of the watches - two hours on - six hours off. Food seems to help.

For lunch we have Dagwood sandwiches stacked high with leftover provisions from the race crew: wheat bread, tomato, lettuce, chicken, ham, cheese, mayo and mustard. Despite Deb's admonitions, we did not check existing supplies carefully enough and are now oversupplied on many items. The situation is aggravated by our provisioning for five, but now only have four on board since John deserted. On the other hand, Brian eats for three, so we have that going for us.

I spent some time with Chris' book on fishing while cruising and learned some new knots.

We rigged and deployed a hand line with a painted cedar plug...

...then trolled past Bahia St Maria until dusk. Alas - no fish for you.

...But we enjoyed a nice sunset to finish the day.


Sean Rea said...

Are these draft posts? They appear in my RSS reader but not if I visit the blog site.

P.S.: Welcome back. As you well know, the rain abstained and awaited your return.

mw said...

They're posted and on the blog, as evidenced by the fact that you are commenting on them. But they are being back-posted in the correct sequence as of the date the events occurred, as opposed to the date it appears as a new post now.

Thanks for the welcome, glad to be home, but I have it on reliable authority that the rain was much worse while I was enjoying the tropical sunshine in Mexico. - mw